T-mobile Top up

T-mobile Top up

T-mobile 5 Pounds T-mobile Pay as you Go £5 £5.00
T-mobile 10 Pounds T-mobile Pay as you Go £10 £10.00
T-mobile 20 Pounds T-mobile Pay as you Go £20 £20.00

T-mobile online Top up

You can easily and quickly purchase a T-Mobile Top Up voucher online via MobileTopup.co.uk. You can top up T-mobile online within 1 minute. You select the T-mobile ÚK top up amount, then you check your order and you pay with PayPal or any of the other secure payment methods. After successful payment, the voucher code will appear directly and you will receive the T-Mobile Top up voucher also directly by email. You can then directly top up your T-Mobile Pay as you Go Plan using the instructions below. ATTENTION: Please mind that you will not be able to top up your Orange PAYG account with a T-mobile Top up PIN.

T-mobile top up number
In order to top up your T-Mobile Pay as you Go plan, you dial 150 with your T-mobile phone.Then select option 1 followed by option 2 in the menu. You will then be prompted to enter the 16 digit pin of the T-Mobile Top Up Voucher. After entering the PIN, enter # and your T-mobile phone credit will be topped up.

Check your balance
You can check your remaining T-mobile phone credit by dialling 150 with the mobile phone for which you want to know the current balance. Then follow the instructions in the menu and your phone credit balance will be stated.

Credit validity
Your T-mobile call credit is valid for a period of 6 months. If you use your phone credit at least once every 6 months, the validity of the credit is extended with a period of 180 days. Keep this in mind when topping up T-mobile.

For more information please visit: http://www.t-mobile.co.uk