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Deezer Premium Gift Card 3M Deezer Premium Code 3M
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Deezer Premium Gift Card 6M Deezer Premium Code 6M
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Buy Deezer gift card

Wherever you go, take your favourite music with you using your Deezer membership! Turn up the volume on your tablet, cell phone or computer and enjoy over 40 million songs. Buy your Deezer Deezer gift card right here and within 30 seconds you will receive the code directly per mail.

What can I use my Deezer Gift Card for?

Use your gift card to subscribe for a Premium+ membership. What are the advantages?

● Unlimited music
● No advertorials
● Music accessible offline
● High Quality sound
● Importing your own MP3 files
● Letting the Deezer Flow option choose the right tunes for you based on your music preferences
● Hand picked recommendations
● Lyrics available

What kind of account do I need to redeem my Deezer Gift Card?

The only thing you need is a Deezer account! You can redeem the code you buy here in the UK and all European countries that have the euro as currency. This means that you are good as long as you have a UK (or European) account.

How can I redeem my Deezer gift card?

1. Go to
2. Enter your code
3. Click on ‘Submit’
4. If you already have an account you can log in, if not you can sign up
a. New customer: fill in your personal information and click on ‘Sign up’
b. Existing customer: click on ‘Log in’ and fill in your account details

Take into account that you cannot use the gift card if you want to subscribe for or already have a Deezer Premium+ membership via Google Play or iTunes. Cancel that subscription first and redeem your code afterwards.

How long is my Deezer Gift Card valid?

The Deezer gift card code has a validity of one year from the day of purchase.

How can I check my Deezer subscription status?

1. Go to
2. Log in if you have not done that yet
3. Go to ‘My Subscription’ for more information on your subscription status