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Minecraft is also known as virtual lego. In the world of Minecraft you create houses, ships and other structures. You will go on an adventure, searching for items, resources and more. With the right collection of materials you can make your own weapons. Why do you need weapons? To protect yourself against enemies in the dusk of the evening. The game has millions of fans all over the world. Would you like to experience Minecraft for yourself? With the Minecraft Gift Card you can easily buy the entire game for your PC or Mac. Enter your email address, select one of the safe payment methods and place your order. You will receive a code which permits you to acquire the game as soon as we receive your payment.

Redeem the Minecraft Gift Card code

In order to redeem the Minecraft code you will need a Mojang account.

  • Visit Register for an account or continue to the next step if you already have one;
  • Log in with your Mojang account information;
  • Fill in the code and click on ‘Redeem’;
  • After you have chosen an available Profile name and agreed with the conditions, click on ‘Choose name’.

All that is left to do, is downloading the game through the Mojang website. You can redeem the Minecraft card exclusively for the PC or Mac version of the game. When you would like to play Minecraft Story Mode, you need a Telltale account. Go to, create an account and enter your code at the ‘My Games’ tab.

Do you prefer to play Minecraft on one of your consoles or mobile phone? No worries! Either use our PSN Card or Xbox Gift Card for your console or purchase a Google Play Voucher or iTunes Voucher for the Minecraft Pocket Edition.

Get creative with Minecraft

Whoever thought that a 3D game about building with blocks would become so popular? With the launch of Minecraft in 2009, the Swedish game developer managed to make this possible. Gamers are able to use all of their creativity in the Creative Mode, in which building is the only goal. If you would like to do more than building, fight creatures in the Minecraft Survival Mode. Thanks to Minecraft Servers you can also game online with other people. If you have never played the game before, you can always try the demo first. Are you convinced after playing the demo? Buy the full version of Minecraft for your PC or Mac with the Minecraft Gift Card from!