MINT prepaid card

Mint Prepaid Card 15 GBP Mint Prepaid 15GBP
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Mint Prepaid Card 20 GBP Mint Prepaid 20GBP
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Mint Prepaid Card 25 GBP Mint Prepaid 25GBP
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Buy a MINT prepaid card

Do you want to buy something online, but don’t you like to fill in personal information? Pay anonymously with the MINT prepaid card on more than 50.000 websites worldwide. Here, you can buy the MINT card online within 30 seconds and you receive the code directly by email. It can’t get any easier!

What will I be able to do with MINT?

You can use MINT at more than 50.000 websites. A small selection of categories where you can use your card:

● Games, such as, and Minecraft
● Online gambling, such as
● VPN services, such as and
● Other services, such as Iversity and

Do you want to know more about the card? Visit the website of MINT. You will find a larger list of websites that accept MINT as a prepaid card.

How can I use my MINT prepaid card?

1. Go to one of the websites that accept MINT
2. Choose a product you like
3. When you are ready to pay, choose MINT as your payment method
4. Enter the 16-digit code

How can I check my MINT balance?

Once you have payed for one or more items, you will receive an email stating your remaining credit. The perfect way to find out how much credit you have spent and - even better - how much you have left! Of course, you can also contact the MINT Customer Service, whatever suits you best.

How long is my MINT prepaid card valid?

No worries, the credit doesn’t expire. So you don’t have to spend all your credit right away, take your time!