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15/09/2018 - 

5 Things You Can’t Discuss On Whatsapp


5 Things You Can’t Discuss On Whatsapp

Whatsapp and texting is great and lots of fun in many ways, but for some things, we would advise you to make that call - how hard it might seem. Here are … things you shouldn’t talk about on Whatsapp.

All relationship drama & issues

Basically, any serious relationship problem or drama with your loved one should not be discussed on Whatsapp. Don’t do it, your special someone deserves better than an emoji - they deserve your real face. I know it’s tempting when your crush, love interest, partner or sleeping buddy texts you something that will start a serious argument. Just say you will talk to him or her on the phone - or in real life of course. Don’t get blocked on Whatsapp.

Trying to get a raise on Whatsapp

You’ve been doing a great job at the office or anywhere else your work takes you, so you think it’s time to discuss a higher pay. You’ve been texting your boss about casual stuff and you’re really connecting on a whole new level. Now might be the best time to talk about getting a better salary, right? Wrong! Never, ever, ever, discuss your salary by text. Your response is much quicker on the phone and sounds more sincere. Plus, saying “no” in a text is much easier than telling someone live on the phone.

Define philosophy & other good topics for deep conversations

You know those people who text these really long essays for you to read? That’s fun, right? No! It isn’t. People tend to do this when they want to be really, really clear to someone - or when they’re angry - or when they feel basically any emotion more heavily at that given time. But even that is not the worst WhatsApp crime of all (because at least you get some drama or honesty out of it). The worst thing is when they have these deep, and mostly ridiculous ideas about absolutely anything and feel the need to share them with you.

Daily politics or other controversial topics

A big party pooper for every birthday is that one guy who likes to start talking about topics that are divisive: Brexit, immigration policies, climate change - the list goes on and on. Topics that don’t work at a party, really don’t work via text. If you ever receive a text that says: “hey what are you voting for?”, make sure you do anything you can to avoid the question. You can’t answer that question in a text. If you really have to talk about this stuff: pick up that phone.

Sexual preference questionnaire

In this day and age, even your sexual habits are discussed by text. Awful! Don’t tell your crush you’re into sandwich-eating men (or women) by a text. You might not have time to explain, they might misunderstand why you’re into sandwich-eating people. I mean - I get it, but it’s better to get some extra call credit from us and pick up the phone to make that call. A “sexy” voice is ten times better than some words. Imagine the hottest person you ever met reading this blog to you in front of a warm fireplace on a bear rug. Better, right?

Your best conspiracy theories that turned out to be true or false

Do you believe nobody ever landed on the moon? Good for you! You can believe in anything you want and I certainly can’t prove you wrong - but this might not be the best thing to discuss on Whatsapp or text. Because some might not share your views on this and it’s kind of easy to come off as a creep on Whatsapp. People just don’t know how serious you are about the fact that aliens are controlling our brains. This rule might be the hardest for me, I’m sure: I just have this feeling that Morpheus (dodgy Matrix movie reference) is looking for me, somehow.

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