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26/09/2018 - 

FIFA 19 Release & New Features


FIFA 19 Release date

FIFA 19 will be launched 28 September. You can get your PSN Codes and Xbox Gift Cards now! Mobiletopup offers a quick, simple and safe way to pay for everything FIFA 19 has in store. Give yourself an edge. Use FIFA Points for Jumbo Premium and Gold Packs. Build that Ultimate Team you’ve always wanted and improve your roster even more on the FUT Transfer Market. You might even get a FUT Icon, like Steven Gerrard.

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You’re probably aware that no year is really complete without a new FIFA game. That’s why it’s time to embrace the new FIFA 19. Want to know why you need this game? Let’s take a look at all the new features and why this FIFA is, again, worth your precious money and time.

1. Timed Finishing to improve your shot

Scoring just became even more satisfactory with Timed Finishing. If you press the shooting-button at just the right time, the chance of scoring a beautiful goal increases drastically. But if you press the button a heartbeat later, your shot will be rubbish.

2. Champions League in FIFA 19

The final thing that has been missing from every FIFA game: the option to play the Champions and Europa League. Finally EA Sports got the rights to the UEFA Championships. Live your dream FIFA-fans. The addition of these leagues will prove to have a big impact on the FIFA career mode.

3. Active Touch System

The way you handle and control the ball has been improved dramatically as well. The first touch a player makes and processes into a pass, a shot or dribble, has been expanded. You want to kick exactly like Neymar? You got it. You want to dive like Neymar? Just don’t…

4. Kick-off mode to increase the fun

The Kick-off mode is for those groups of friends that love playing FIFA. Check out expansive statistics after your match so your buddy will stop saying he played better, even though he lost. But the most fun comes with the House Rules. Every player who scores gets sent off or you can only score outside the penalty area - just some of the rules you can implement for some offline and online mania.

5. Lootbox overhaul

The loot boxes of FIFA 18 are getting an overhaul. You now have FUT players and FUT Icons. It will be clearer what kind of players you can expect to get in Jumbo Premium and Gold Packs. Looking at player ratings online should never be a gamble, right? - an honest approach from EA Sports to improve their beloved franchise.

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