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17/09/2018 - 

Everything you need to know about the Fortnite World Cup


Everything you need to know about the Fortnite World Cup

Huge Fortnite fan? Then you’re probably super excited about the upcoming Fortnite World Cup. Want to find out everything there is to know about this amazing upcoming tournament? We’re as excited as you are, which is why we gathered as much information over here as possible. How can you enter? How much money is there to win? Read it all - plus a bit more - below.

Most popular free-to-play game?

Let’s start with the basics. I’ll keep this part short. Epic Games, the developer, made this free-to-play game called Fortnite. Then 2018 rolled around and right now, as I’m writing this blog, Fortnite has 125 million players - Yes, that’s a lot! Kids, teens, adults - everybody is dancing, building and shooting each other in the face. Awesome, right? Especially the Battle Royale mode is immensely popular. Everybody gets dropped on an island - you start building to protect and shooting to kill.

Fortnite World Cup announcement

Then, this happened: Epic Games announced their budget for the 2018-2019 Fortnite competitive season. Yeah, it’s a sloppy 100 million dollars. This enormous pile of money will be used to support community organized events, online events, and major organized competitions all over the world. And of course, the Fornite World Cup! Nobody knows (except for Epic Games) how many millions will go to the prize pool of the World cup. We’re betting the cup gets the biggest prize money.

Who can enter?

Here comes the fun part: absolutely anybody can qualify for the Fortnite World Cup. Developer Epic Games makes it especially clear that anyone can participate and anyone can win. Nobody has any special advantage over anyone. Sorry large companies and professional teams: you don’t get any special treatment or a reserved spot - payments for a guaranteed spot are not allowed.

Solo, duos or squads?
They did announce that the World Cup will focus on solo and duos. But don’t worry Battle Royale Squads - you can enter too. We think that the competition might be a lot higher for squads, and since squad-based-battles are not the focus of the world cup there might not be that many spots to qualify. You know what that means: Bring on the competition!

Blizzard’s Overwatch World Cup

We’re not the only ones who can draw a comparison with Blizzard’s (that’s a developer) Overwatch World Cup. Blizzard has been organizing a World Cup for competitive gamers for over 2 years now and they do charge teams substantial fees - we’re talking about millions of dollars here, and that’s just to create a franchise. Right now, Overwatch has 12 teams in their league.

Streaming service Twitch

Blizzard is also making money with the broadcasting rights of their competition. Streaming service Twitch reportedly paid $90 million for the opportunity to broadcast Overwatch League matches. Twitch is the streaming services for gamers. They offer esports, user-generated content and a lot more. We’re not sponsored by Twitch, we promise.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins

Just to get a clear picture of who you’re up against if you’re thinking of entering the competitive Fortnite scene: one of the top Fortnite players is Tyler “Ninja” Blevins. Some call him the Messi of Fortnite. Yes, Messi is a football player.

How much does Tyler “Ninja” Blevins earn?

Want to know how much Messi, I mean Tyler “Ninja” Bevins makes every month? A sloppy $500.000 a month - that’s $6 million a year! His status as a gaming celebrity was probably a big part of the 635.000 viewers the last Fortnite broadcast pulled in. Tyler, I mean Ninja, also has 3.7 million Twitch followers, 5 million YouTube subscribers and nearly a million followers on Twitter.

What Fortnite players say

We were curious about what the average Fortnite player (apologies for calling you average) thinks about the upcoming World Cup and all the qualifying mayhem.

Jesse (Mobiletopup user):
“I think it’s awesome that this game has grown in such a short time, and even to such a competitive level. But with the player count going over 125 million, the chance of qualifying as a hobbyist gamer is very, very small. And that’s kinda sad.”

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