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10/09/2018 - 

Marvel's Spider-Man Review (PS4)

Marvel’s Spider-man review (PS4)

The new Spider-Man game has been out since the 7th of September for the PS4. This is not your typical “movie-game” where the developer didn’t have enough time to create the game based on the popular movie that’s coming out. No, Developer Insomniac took all the time they needed to create the best Spider-Man game we might have ever seen. Honestly: this might be the best PlayStation 4 game we’ve ever seen.

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How long does it take to complete Marvel's Spider-Man?

The best Spidey-game so far is definitely the Spider-Man 2 version on the PS2. Insomniac’s Marvel’s Spider-Man seems to be the 2018 version of that game: you can web around freely through Manhattan - which feels amazing by the way. You follow a storyline that is made specifically for this game, with new villains, blockbuster setpieces and a lot more. But you can also just roam the streets and fight petty crimes, like stopping car thieves. Earn points, investigate new gadgets with mini-games and upgrade your suit. If you do everything the game has to offer, it will take you up to 20 hours.

What can you do in the game?

That might not seem a lot to you, but you’re getting a lot of quality in those 20 hours - in most cases that is. I found out that the side quests are pretty different from one another, except for the car chase. The car chase side quest gives you the same thing to do, over and over. Well, the color of the car changes, that’s something. But the side quests are not the biggest reason to buy this game - the main storyline is.

Storymode of PS4 Spider-Man

You might have already noticed in all the cool looking trailers: there are a lot of villains for you to fight in Marvel’s Spider-Man story mode. With some newcomers like Mister Negative—this guy doesn’t have a big budget movie alter ego, yet—there are welcoming additions to a roster of villains that we were sometimes a little too familiar with. Don’t worry about having to relive uncle Ben dying either, the Spider-Man you’re playing has already been the web slinger for a long time now and knows his powers very well.

Play Mary Jane missions

Let me start by saying that great cutscenes do help a game, and boy, does this game have great looking cutscenes that make you feel like you’re Peter Parker. Or, Mary-Jane for that matter. Developer Insomniac tried their hardest to give you a little bit diversity in gameplay, so expect some levels where you’re sneaking around as Peter’s crush to investigate the plot further.

Marvel’s Spider-Man an RPG?

To make sure you keep going, there are several RPG elements to help you become even more amazing at your job. Like those suit updates I was talking about. You will also unlock new abilities and moves the more you progress through the game. The biggest reason I found myself performing all the side quests was because it gave me tokens and that’s what you need to upgrade to some of the coolest-looking suits I have ever seen Spidey wear. Spider-Man can unlock 28 suits - that’s right, 28! Every suit has its own super move by the way.

Spider-Man Gameplay & Combat in 2018

So, I have already told you that swinging freely through the city is terribly fun (go check out the Avengers Stark Tower!), which is really, really is, but what about the combat? You might have noticed, the combat is very similar to the Batman Arkham games. Which is a good thing, but sometimes also a bad one. Fighting different kinds of enemies as acrobatically as possible definitely starts out as entertaining, but it gets a little repetitive over time. That’s a small flaw the game carries has.

Verdict of Mobiletopup

There is a lot more I wanted to discuss (like the upcoming Black Cat DLC), but that will be for another blog and another time. So, is Spider-Man a great game? Hell Yess! Is it the best game on your PS4? Only if you really like Spidey. Parkouring and swinging around the city is marvelous and so is the story mode, but the combat suffers from repetitiveness and the side quests could use even more diversity.


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