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25/09/2018 - 

Things you can do by saving on call credit!


Things you can do by saving on call credit!

How can you save up to 480 pounds? Start forgetting about that monthly subscription you pay loyally every month. It’s time for call credit to take the spotlight - become a call credit expert. You can save up so much money if you only pay for what you use. Forget about that expensive £50 monthly subscription and use one £30 prepaid voucher every month - save up to £480 every two years! Now the important question: what can you do with that kind of money?

Buy a ticket from London to Barcelona or Ibiza

Yes, save up by using call credit and after two years: you’ve got yourself a couple of tickets to Barcelona or Ibiza, or both! Barcelona ticket prices from any London airport are getting pretty cheap these days. You can get there for just £100, or you can fly all the way to the sunny party island Ibiza. Ibiza ticket prices range around 200 pounds. When we last checked of course. So, are you going shopping in Barcelona, or partying in Ibiza? You can do both if you start using call credit. Call credit costs could even be even less than £30 a month, you can fly all around the world! Or is that an exaggeration?

Get any game console: PS4, Xbox One or a Nintendo Switch

You might have already noticed that we love to game at Mobiletopup. After some investigation, we found out that you can totally buy a video game console for 480 pounds plus some cool games or extra controllers. Did you know you can buy a PlayStation 4 for £279 with the new Spider-Man game and many more or an Xbox One for £264 with the new Fifa game and Overwatch? Saving up money gives you the ability to buy lots of fun stuff. The Nintendo Switch Fortnite Bundle is £279.99, add two more controllers and you still haven’t spent all that money you saved up using call credit instead of a monthly subscription. “Who uses call credit?”, they ask. “I do!’, you answer with a big grin on your face.

Book the best Hotels in London (like the Montcalm Marble Arch)

Take anybody or just yourself to the finest hotels in London. When we were trying to book a room for October 2018, we found this neat little (famous) place, called the Montcalm Marble Arch hotel that offered me a great room for just the right amount: 480 pounds. I can already see myself swimming in their luxurious swimming pool, getting a massage or finally getting a good night of sleep in a fluffy king size bed. All this, just because I stopped my monthly subscription. The Montcalm Marble Arch has breakfast included, how nice! And all that with just one call credit card a month.

How many pints can you get for £480?

of course, it depends on where you get your pint, but let’s stay in London and go to one of the most touristy pubs in the city. The average price of a pint £5.19. If you want cheap beers, you should go to the countryside. You don’t need international call credit for the countryside - don’t worry! Things change when you have £480 to spare. You can drink 92 pints of beer. You might want to share those - or not, we won’t tell you what to do. Wait a minute! Something genius just crossed my tiny little mind. You can also get 46 pints of beer and 20 pizzas at Il Posto, Victoria. Now if that’s not a great night out, then I don’t know what is. That’s great call credit karma you got going for you.

Get a ticket to Beyonce & Jay-Z

Do you want to go to more live concerts, but are you scared off by those crazy high ticket prices? So are we, sometimes. But if you’re a call credit user you can now get those exclusive Beyonce & Jay-Z concert tickets you always wanted (or see a different artist live, that’s okay as well of course). If you want to see The Carters live in England, you need to wait for their next tour. The perfect waiting period to save up some money and switch to call credit. Club Carter tickets are around £300. Club Carter is like a golden circle, you can almost touch Yonce while she is dancing her ass off. Or just book two regular tickets so you don’t look like a Beyonce-creeper.

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