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19/02/2019 - 

Top 3 best low-priced PSN games right now (Updated)


Top 3 best low-priced PSN games right now (Updated)

Looking for cheap, fun games to spend your last PSN credits on?
Look no further: the 3 games below are great fun and have a low price tag.
This is an updated top 3 of low-priced and super fun PSN games.

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Minesweeper Genius (£4.99)

Why you should play Minesweeper Genius
- Minesweeper Genius is based on the classic Minesweeper game with Sudoku elements.
- It’s a fun and modernly designed puzzle-maze game where luck plays no role.
- The game can generate an infinite amount of levels.
- Minesweeper Genius is easy at the start, but very challenging the further you go.
- You can create and customize your own Minesweeper levels.
- It’s an addicting game that will surely turn you into a perfectionist.
- You can try a level as many times as you like. Don’t worry if you make a mistake: getting 0 deaths is a given.
- Power-ups and other gameplay elements are added for a more “modern feel”.
- Minesweeper Genius is only £4.99 and it gives you many hours of gaming fun.

Gang Beasts(£15.99)

Hardcore Gamers Score: 80
Why you should play Gang Beasts
- It’s a super cheerful and funny multiplayer game for online and offline.
- Gang Beasts throws you and your friends in a place where anything can happen.
- Brawl against your friends and finish them off in hilarious ways.
- Play a rough kind of street football.
- Try to survive hordes of enemies, alone or together.
- The art style is lovely, wacky, and fun.
- The charming puppet-like characters you fight with are adorable and hilarious at the same time.
- You can customize your character’s outfit like a real fashionista.
- It’s one of the most popular games in the PSN Store under £20.00, and not without reason!
- It’s perfectly accessible without sacrificing any of the fun: everybody can pick up Gang Beasts and play.

Apex Legends (free-to-play)

Metacritic Score: 89
Why you should play Apex Legends
- It’s the newest Battle Royale game that everybody’s playing.
- Apex Legends combines the best qualities of the Battle Royale genre, like Fortnite and PUBG.
- It adds new and original gameplay elements like the PING system.
- It’s got 8 unique characters who each have their own set of skills and abilities.
- It’s a new game! So everybody is more or less a beginner:
- Play the game now and you won’t be pulverized by hardcore players all the time.
- You play Apex Legends in teams of 3: it’s the perfect game for you and your friends to fight together.
- It’s got a cool and mature art style with beautifully designed characters.
- The expensive and diverse map is ready to be explored - it’s loved by critics and players alike.
- Microtransactions are cosmetics only, which means that Apex Legends will be fair for everybody.
- Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment has already announced that they’re going to release a Battle/Season Pass the beginning of March 2019.
- Did we mention it’s free-to-play?

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