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10/01/2019 - 

Top 3 low-priced PSN games right now


Top 3 low-priced PSN games right now

Looking for cheap, fun games to spend your last PSN credits on?
Search no longer: these 3 games are great fun and have a very low price tag.
These are the top 3 low-priced PSN games.

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Big Crown: Showdown (£9.99)

Metacritic score: 70

Why should you play Big Crown: Showdown?
- It’s an online and offline multiplayer game for 2-4 players
- It’s easy to pick up and play
- It’s ideal to quickly have fun with family or friends
- It contains 3 worlds and 15 unique levels
- It’s all about punching and playing with friends and family! (In the game of course)
- Its colourful art style is a joy to watch
- It’s a game for all ages (without being too childish, don’t worry!)
- It’s just good fun: Big Crown: Showdown has a lot of humor. Just look at the trailer
- It’s only £9.99!

Fortnite Season 7(£8.00)

Why should you play Fortnite Season 7?

- It’s Fortnite! One of the biggest online games out there.
- It’s free to downoad and try out before you purchase a Battle Pass
- It’s Battle Royale matches are competitive
- It’s possible to level up with the Fortnite Season 7 progression system
- It’s meant for progress: gain rare items as you progress, like the Battle Pass's Tier 100 Outfit
- Complete challenges and get the most out of every Battle Royale match
- There are new items to unlock and cool winter cosmetics to pimp your style.
- The Fortnite map has changed dramatically. New icy locations have been added
- It has a lot of new outfits and skins to get for your vehicles
- Rain down hell from above with airplanes!
- It’s only 950 V-Bucks for a Battle Pass
- It’s possible to play Season 7 Battle Royale together with friends on different consoles and devices: Fortnite supports crossplay.


Metacritic Score: 91

Why should you play Celeste?
- It’s one of the highest scoring PS4 games on Metacritic: 91!
- It’s an adventure game that will melt your heart with a gripping story
- It’s a platform game with reactive controls and fluid motions
- It has memorable characters and well written dialogue
- You decide how challenging the game is with the Assist Mode.
- It has a soundtrack with beautiful and award winning music
- Celeste was awarded with a perfect scores from IGN
- It’s easy to pick up and play, but difficult to master
- It’s very challenging to finish all the extra unlockable chapters

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