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15/10/2018 - 

Top 3 upcoming Xbox One Exclusives


Top 3 upcoming Xbox One Exclusives

The main reason why some gamers choose an Xbox over the PS4 (or the other way around) is the game exclusives. Today, we want to give the spotlight to Xbox. Why not treat all those Xbox gamers to something nice: the top 3 upcoming Xbox One exclusives. These are great titles that only Xbox One (and sometimes PC) gamers are getting. Read until the end for some more great Xbox One exclusive content that’s coming soon.

1. Halo Infinite

Yes, Halo fans: Halo Infinite is the new Halo. You can also call it Halo 6 if you want. This is a brand new Halo game where Master Chief takes the main stage once again. “A bigger and bolder step towards a new direction for Halo”, at least according to Halo developer 343 Studios. The Halo Infinite release date should be early (hopefully) or late (probably) 2019. Don’t be too bummed out though, there will be a Halo Infinite Beta coming soon. When? We don’t know yet. The Halo Infinite trailer was shown for the first time on the E3 of 2018. Check it out below. Fans got super excited to see that Master Chief would be the main character once again. Unfortunately for PC gamers, nothing is yet known about a Halo Infinite PC version.

Halo Infinite release date: 2019/2020

2. Gears of War 5

Epic Games started a massively successful shooter on the Xbox 360 with the first Gears of War. It was gory, bloody, brutal and the graphics were amazing. Compliments which will probably also be given to Gears of War 5. The Gears of War 5 release date is in 2019. It will also be released for PC (Windows 10) in the same year if our estimates are correct. This is another game that has been announced during the E3 of 2018. The Gears of War 5 trailer has revealed a larger focus on a female protagonist called Kate. A lot of well-known characters are back as well: we see you Marcus Fenix! We can’t wait to play the epic shooter again.

Gears of War 5 release date: 2019

3. Black Desert Online

They call Black Desert Online the next big MMORPG and whoever “they” is, might be right. Since its release on PC, Black Desert has fascinated gamers everywhere. It’s a MMORPG where you don’t play to reach the level cap so the “real game” opens up. No, Black Desert wants to give gamers an experience right from the beginning. Interacting with all the other characters in a real way is what makes this game stand out. This is the only game on our list that has already been released for another platform, but Black Desert Online looks like it will be worth the wait for Xbox One owners. Xbox One players will be able to enjoy 4K support, for example Black Desert is a beautiful sandbox fantasy with diverse character classes and a lot of freedom. Players can create their own fantasy world that feels real. The Black Desert beta will be in the fall of 2018, the release date of the actual game is still unknown.

Black Desert Online Xbox One release date: Beta begint eind 2018

Other Upcoming Xbox One exclusives that deserve to be mentioned

Future Sea of Thieves expansions
This expansive online multiplayer will almost definitely deliver more expansion packs in the near future.
Ori and the Will of the Wisps
Once more take the form of the white guardian spirit Ori. This sequel promises more puzzles and adventure for Xbox One gamers. Ori and the will of the wisps release date: 2019
Battletoads Revival
The classic beat ‘em up game will be revived in 2019 with local co-op multiplayer up to three players.
Crackdown 3
The latest release date for Crackdown 3 is February 22, 2019. The over the top open-world game that lets you destroy almost anything will be back bigger and better than ever.

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