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21/09/2018 - 

7 things only mums do on Whatsapp

7 things only mums do on Whatsapp


If your mum has a phone, you’ll know her Whatsapp behaviour can be a bit strange. Getting her to install Whatsapp might have taken some persuading, but she’s been a different person ever since. Gone are the days when your mum didn’t know what emojis were. She now seems to have developed a bit of a love affair with them. This new-found emoji-fluency doesn’t mean everything else has magically solved itself, though. There’s still the issue of typing with one hand, keeping tabs on you via multiple, relatively unimportant updates, impatience if she knows you’re online and being the most active group-chat member.

Whether she occasionally surprises you with one of her gems or keeps you updated via a steady stream of ‘important’ messages, we’re guessing you’ve encountered one of the strange mum-behaviours on Whatsapp below at least once. Perhaps we should encourage calling more often! Think of the mistakes and unnecessary confusion we could avoid by making a simple phone call! At the end of the day, sometimes it’s just nice to hear your mum’s voice.

1. Frantic typing

Your mum has perfected the art of typing. You’ll often see ‘‘typing’’ at the top of your screen for long periods of time - only to receive the message: ‘‘ok sweetie.’’ What on earth could she be doing in the drawn-out minutes between typing a message and pressing send? We have absolutely no idea - and perhaps we don’t need to know.

2. Emoji-attack

Your mum is definitely fluent in emoji. Ever since she discovered them, all your Whatsapp messages contain at least 5 of them. Her personal favourites: the heart-eye emoji, dancing emoji, unicorn and any other cute animal.

3. Multiple messages

Instead of getting to the point, your mum’s messages usually begin with: ‘‘Hello.’’ Followed by a long pause. A few more short remarks. Followed by the thing she actually wants to say. Sending a message on Whatsapp is never a straightforward thing - it’s more like a complicated dance which never seems to reach a conclusion.

4. She types with one finger

No matter how many times you’ve urged her to try the dual-thumb method (the one where you use both your thumbs to type), she prefers to stick to her own self-taught ways (see point 1). We don’t know where she picked up this habit, but it’s not doing her any favours. How can there be such a big difference between generations? We don’t have any answers.

5. She’s impatient

If you’re online and she’s online: she knows it. Which is why she won’t put up with your leaving her hanging without a decent reply. ‘‘Hello?’’ ‘‘???’’ Be honest: sometimes you can be a little less than patient yourself. Especially when the person who seems to be leaving you hanging is one you have a ‘special relationship’ with.

6. Strange requests

You sometimes get strangely urgent video requests or Whatsapp calls for no apparent reason. When you confront her with it, she’s oblivious to what she’s done. ‘‘I must have pressed the wrong button.’’

7. Most active group-chat member

And the prize for ‘most active Whatsapp group member’ goes to…
Your mum has fully immersed herself in the (family) group chat and makes sure nobody feels left out. Cue unnecessary replies and a steady stream of emojis.

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