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15/10/2018 - 

Which Mobile Games should I play?


Which Mobile Games should I play?

We test mobile games for you, so you don’t have to! What mobile games are actually good? You don’t want to waste your precious time. Wasting time is our job! We tried out a bunch of popular mobile games in the iTunes and Google Play store, like Helix Jump, Tekken, and Pokemon Go. Don’t buy mobile games before you read this.

1. Helix Jump

An ingenious and addictive little game Helix Jump is. Your only goal is to get a ball (you can customize the shape, yay!) down a colorful totem pole. But watch out, you can’t hit the dark colors, otherwise, it’s game over. Fail twice and it’s commercial-time for you. Unless you buy the add-free version of the Helix Jump game. You know where to get an App store & iTunes Gift Card or a Google Play Gift Code?

The many levels of Helix Jump

What makes this game great, is that it's very easy to pick-up-and-play. Once you actually get a couple of levers further, you hit the difficulty curve. You need to be very patient and/or have quick reflexes. I have played Helix Jump endlessly because once you get the hang of it, it becomes very addictive. The only problem is that the difficulty curve doesn’t go up all that much. I didn’t notice any change in the design of the Helix Jump levels from level 90 till 120 and that’s kind of weird for a game that relies solely on one game mechanic. We found a video of a guy who reached level 2634! The level didn’t look that different from level 90... We would still recommend Helix Jump, though.

2. Tekken Mobile

Most of you will know about the arcade fighting franchise Tekken. Developer Namco has released more Tekken-games than we can count and now there is a mobile version of the fighting-game as well. We will call it Tekken mobile. The Tekken mobile release date was August 18, 2018, for Android and iOS. As I am testing more and more mobile games, you can see a big distinction between a free mobile game with in-game purchases and a mobile game that you need to buy with no pay-to-win mechanics. Tekken for Mobile is the first of those two and it really shows. When you open the game, it takes really long to get into a good fight.

Is Tekken Mobile any good?

Here is why it takes too long to get into your first fight: when you download the Tekken mobile game from your app store, you’re all excited, ready to kick some ass. But first, the game needs to install and download some more. Yes, you’ve already downloaded the game, but when you open it, it still appears to be downloading. Maybe download all those Tekken mobile characters? We don’t know. Finally, it introduces you to its menu screen and all the options and unlockables the game offers. Everything just screams: “this game has a lot to offer, especially when you buy in-game content”, which is okay, but start the fight already! You’ll be too busy clicking through the menus than actually playing - But once you start fighting, it’s pretty fun. The Tekken mobile gameplay is pretty good: you can walk and punch with the flick of your finger, unlocking guard breaking moves along the way. A Tekken fan should try this game out, other mobile gamers should maybe try something else.

3. Pokemon Go

Ok, the hype died down a bit, but that doesn’t mean the Pokemon Go community died or that the game failed. On the contrary. Millions of people still play this game all around the world. Just walk around the park and you can spot people doing a raid together or attacking a gym together. That sort of thing puts a smile on my face: Pokemon Go connecting people in the real world. I am here to confess: I play Pokemon Go still to this day! Niantic, the Pokemon Company is still trying to improve Pokemon Go every day. You might be surprised at how much the game improved once you open it again - but don’t worry: your original account is still there. Try Pokemon Go again and discover all the new Pokemon, Raids, trading system and much, much more.

4. MARVEL Spider-Man Unlimited

Another genre that has gotten really popular on iOS and Android are maze-runner games. Runner-games set your character on a path and it’s up to you to dodge and jump over obstacles. Your character, Spider-Man in this case, runs on his own and a lot of the cool action happens automatically as well. You could take this as a bad thing. You could… Marvel Spider-Man unlimited gameplay is really simple, but fun and entertaining. This game offers in-game purchases in the form of packs that allow you to play different characters from the Spider-Man universe - which look a lot cooler than regular Spider-Man, of course. If you like Spider-Man and maze-runner games, buy MARVEL Spider-Man Unlimited!

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