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20/11/2015 - 

Cold autumn weather outside? Stay in and relax with these ebooks

Are your bookshelves packed? Or do you prefer to read an ebook? Ebooks have shown to be a popular alternative to normal books. The price is one of the reasons: ebooks mostly cost only half of what regular books cost. Furthermore, you can easily take your entire book collection with you, without even having to carry one single book: the ebooks are all digitally saved on your tablet, smartphone or e-reader.
Cold autumn weather outside? Stay in and relax with these ebooks -

Ebook tips for this autumn

Below we give you some tips on books to read on your tablet, smartphone or e-reader this autumn. Throw an extra block of wood in the fireplace or turn up the heat and flop into a chair with one of these titles.

1. Friday on my mind - thriller (March 2015) - Nicci French
In this thriller, written by Nicci French, the body of a man is found in the Thames. His throat has been cut and he is wearing a bracelet with the name Frieda Klein on it. The bracelet is the only lead in the investigation, the man's body is unrecognizable because he was in the water for a long time. Frieda Klein, psychotherapist by profession, apparently has had a relationship with the victim. The police sees her as the prime suspect in the case. Frieda goes into hiding and sets out an investigation of her own in order to find the killer. 'Friday on my mind' is the fifth intruiging book in the Frieda Klein series.

2. The Girl on the Train - thriller (May 2015) - Paula Hawkins
'The Girl on the Train' by American writer Paula Hawkins is the worldwide praised thriller following the life of Rachel, a divorced woman in her thirties. She is addicted to alcohol and resentful because her ex husband Tom left her for the pretty Anna. Every day she travels to work by train and passes the London suburb where she used to live with Tom. The train always waits there at the same signal, which gives Rachel the opportunity to to look at her old house and the surrounding houses. In one of the surrounding houses she sees a young couple and becomes intrigued by them. In her eyes, their life is perfect and she even gives them names, as if she really knows them. One day she sees something shocking happening in the house and decides to go to the police. Rachel gets caught up in the following events and in the lives of everyone involved.

3. The Circle - novel (October 2013) - Dave Eggers
Mae Holland is hired to work for the Circle, a prestigious and powerful internet company in California. Mae is overjoyed with her new job. At the Circle everyone has only one online identity that is linked with all their online activities, for example email, banking and social media. The urge for more transparency and less privacy grows as the company becomes more and more powerful in the US. Slowly Mae gets entangled in the dynamics of the company and her life outside the campus grows distant. 'The Circle' is an interesting and intelligent novel that is fully applicable on this time. It makes you think about your own online presence and the life beyond.

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