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15/01/2016 - 

How to make New Year's resolutions fun

After a few delightful weeks of Christmas dinners, guilty pleasures and a lot of wine and champagne, the new year has begun. New game, new chances. These new chances often start with making New Year's resolutions. Nowadays, they are more often seen as annoying rather than as a chance to improve your lifestyle, those New Year's resolutions. But why is that? It sure is our own fault that we cannot succeed in going to the gym more often, or that we are having trouble losing those extra pounds. We are just too hard on ourselves when it comes to New Year's resolutions. Most of us want fast results and it simply does not work that way. The result? We give up. So what should you do to succeed? Make it fun! We introduce to you 'New Year's resolutions 2.0'. Because there is more to life than going to the gym or losing weight.

New Year's resolutions 2.0, for a happy 2016

How to make New Year's resolutions fun -
1. Make at least one city trip this year and buy your ticket now
Which city in Europe have you always wanted to visit? It often only takes a one or two hour flight to get there and sometimes for a great price too. Besides, a lot of discount air carriers have sales in January which make it possible for you to buy your tickets with a discount. Classic win-win. Even if you plan to go in October, the joyful anticipation cannot start soon enough.

2. Take the weekend off and spend all your time gaming
Our jobs and studies can be very time-consuming sometimes. Next to that, we often have a lot of other obligations and things to do in our weekends. Pick a weekend and plan nothing so you can hang out at home in a relaxing outfit and play your favourite game, all weekend long. Or invite your friends over and buy some beers for a game party.

3. Watch a new film, every weekend
If you like to watch film, watch one you have not seen before, every week. Instead of a film you can also watch a new TV show of course, but then you will be needing more than a week. Anyway, lay back and enjoy.

4. Eat your favourite dish at least once a month
Wheter you prepare the dish yourself at home or enjoy it in a restaurant, make a thing out of it. Set the table in a festive way or take your friends with you to your favourite restaurant.

5. Make a playlist with your favourite music of all times and play it as much as you please
Music has the great ability to set a happy and relaxing mood in a short matter of time. Whether you are having a busy day at work or you are enjoying your day off. Put together a playlist with all your favourite songs and enjoy it every time you feel like it.

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