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15/12/2015 - 

How to put together a perfect playlist for Christmas

The holidays are coming! Slowly everyone is putting up their Christmas tree and making plans for Christmas. Where are we going to eat? With whom? And what? Those questions are becoming quite the standard ones when talking about holiday plans. Every year we hope for fun holidays, full of joy and good food. But just as important as good food, and a great way to set the mood, is music!

Some people just love Christmas music and can listen to Wham's Last Christmas over and over again. But not everyone gets excited by hearing George Michaels sweet-flowing voice. In preparation of your Christmas dinner playlist, it might be a smart idea to acquire some intel about your table companions' taste in music. Still, you might not be able to please everyone with a Christmas music playlist, after all you can't argue about taste. What you can do is put together a playlist with something for everyone. And whilst you are at it, we think a Christmas classic such as Last Christmas can't be missing on your list.

How to put together a perfect playlist for Christmas -

Tips for good Christmas music playlists

The Google Play Store contains a wealth of music. Put on the new album of Kylie Minogue or LeAnn Rimes during diner. Or what about Michael Bublé's Christmas album? Guaranteed that there will be dancing. Use the Play Store's search option in the category music to find your favourite artist or scroll through the suggestions for inspiration. Another handy trick is to download a Christmas music app or Christmas radio app. You only have to press play!

In the iTunes Store you can find Christmas music and apps for your Mac, iPhone or iPad. Choose to put together your own playlist or buy one of the many Christmas albums available. Tip: pick one of Frank Sinatra's Christmas albums, that will definitely get your grandparents dancing.

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