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19/10/2018 - 

iTunes' Greatest Hits: Our pick

Has iTunes got it all? Maybe not all, but it sure got plenty. Plenty of entertainment, music, even books. A great feature is that it’s got charts, with loads and loads of the most popular songs, albums - whatever category. We thought it’d be a good idea to compile a list of our favourites—the ‘greatest hits’ of that chart. Get your App Store & iTunes Gift Card right now! iTunes_greatest_Hits

Our top 3 Apps
1. 7 Minute Workout Challenge
2. Goblin Sword
3. Glitché

Get fit in 7 minutes with the 7 Minute Workout Challenge! Get instructions for a workout that can be done anywhere, keep track of your progress, and make sure you keep it up. Be smart and get fit before Christmas and the New Year. Get a head-start with this app. Not so fond of getting fit? If you like retro video games, think 8-bit and 16-bit style, Goblin sword might just be in your alley. A retro-inspired, RPG adventure-game may sound very specific, but this 2D retro platformer is all that. It’s got castles, forests, all the great and classic themes, right in your pocket! No need to get an old-school console to play this awesome game—start your adventure today! Something else: Up your edit game with Glitché and edit your pictures or videos with this app—endorsed by many, from Radiohead to fashion label Vetements. Get glitched.

Our top 3 albums
1. Miles Kane - Coup De Grace
2. 80 Smash Hits of the 80s Jake Shears
3. Jake Shears - Jake Shears

Coup De Grace is indie-rocker Miles Kane’s third solo album. Do yourself a favour and give it a listen.
So how many songs are enough? About 80? As the name suggests, that’s exactly what you’ll get with 80 Smash Hits of the 80s. Can’t go wrong with that, and it’s probably got your favourite 80s song, maybe even your guilty pleasure.
Known for fronting the Scissor Sisters, Jake Shears also has a solo album. It has actually been out for a couple of months, but it hasn’t left the iTunes charts yet. A great moment to give it another spin - with just a click of a button.

Our top 3 films
1. Darkest HourBlade_Runner_2049
2. Blade Runner 2049
3. The Goonies

Darkest Hour gives you a look into Winston Churchill’s time as Prime-Minister during the first stages of the Second World War. This historical-fiction film got some things right, and some not so much, but it’s still an interesting watch with an amazing performance by Gary Oldman. It’s been a year since it’s theatrical release, but Blade Runner 2049 is still as good and intriguing on a small screen as on the big screen. 30 years after the original, we see the return of Rick Deckard, Replicants, and a whole lot of sci-fi.
The Goonies - Hey you guuys! To be honest, we were a little bit surprised to find such a such a classic in iTunes’ top films chart! Get right back into the 80s with this great Steven Spielberg film full of adventure, treasure, and boobytraps. After watching this, you’ll see it’s pretty clear where Netflix Series Stranger Thing’s got its inspiration from!

Top 3 Books
1. In the Dark
2. Ready Player One
3. The Secret Barrister

A second in the series which was started with Close to Home, In the Dark is a thriller by Cara Hunter. Called a twisty read and ‘unputdownable’, this might very well become your next favourite read.
Before the Major Picture directed by Steven Spielberg, Ready Playe One was just a novel. Some people may proudly say that they read the book before the film came out, but don’t worry. If you liked the film, just sit down for this one and immerse yourself once more. With The Secret Barrister you’ll get a glimpse of the life inside the courtroom. An excellent first dip into the legal world, this book is based on first-hand accounts and raises and answers important questions you maybe haven’t asked yourself.

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