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10/12/2018 - 

iTunes: 3 Top 3s

It’s time to get something new. You’ve got your iTunes gift card, you’ve settled down behind your MacBook or have your iPhone ready. Now you’re wondering: “what on earth should I get?” We know what you mean. It’s a big world (or app store) out there. Endless possibilities, but also endless catastrophes of apps which seemed so nice judging by their description. Luckily for you, we’ve made up a list with the good stuff for this month.iTunes_Top_3_December_2018

Our top 3 Apps

1. 1 Second Everyday: Video Diary
2. Terraria
3. Forest - Stay Focused

-If you’d like to start 2019 by deliberately documenting your favourite everyday moments, 1 Second Everyday is a great place to start. See it as a sort of video diary for yourself, with which you can make clips of just a second to memorize an amazing (or just sweet and simple) event. After a year, you’ll end up with a reel of amazing memories and you’ll be able to revisit that moment without having to scroll through thousands of pictures on your phone.
-For some pixelated goodness, Terraria is the perfect game. Whether you’re playing on an iPad or iPhone, you’ll be able to submerge yourself in this game: You can dig your way out (or in), build a home, fight monsters - and just explore the world of 8bit adventure.
-Need to work on something just before the Christmas break? Exams maybe? Or are you looking to improve your focus and get less distracted in 2019? Forest - Stay focused might just be the tool .. er.. app, you need. Track your time spent by ‘planting a tree’ - the more time spent on just one thing, the more your tree will grow. Forest_Stay_Focused_iTunesOnce you get back to your phone, your tree will die, sadly. You can also ‘plant trees’ with someone else and help to motivate each other. The beautiful thing is that you will be able to actually plant trees with this app! That should be enough motivation to keep you going, right?

Our top 3 albums

1. Queen - Greatest Hits
2. Jason Mraz - Know.
3. Lost In Trance

-With Bohemian Rhapsody attracting large crowds in theaters, Greatest Hits by Queen simply belongs on this list. The classic 1981 album has all the classics from the early seventies up until that point. From Seven Seas of Rhye to Another One Bites the Dust, it spans an important section of the band’s career. Queen_Greatest_Hits
-If you’re looking for some pop to cheer you up, then Jazon Mraz’s know. should do the trick. Cheerful tunes, carried by ukelele, guitar, and (of course) Mraz’s voice, will shine a bit of light on these dark, cold, winter months.
-To shake it up a bit, there’s Lost In Trance - containing 3 albums of great classic trance songs, and a mix of old and new. Maybe some of your old-time, and not so old-time favourites will be on here, perhaps you’ll find a new love.

Our top 3 films

1. Black Panther
2. Isle of Dogs
3. Pacific Rim: Uprising

-Black Panther: 2018's biggest hit is coming down from the big screen to your small screen. Experience this marvelous box office once again and return with Black Panther to Wakanda from the comfort of your own home. For many, this is the best movie Marvel has put out in the last years, so if you haven't seen it yet, it's time to find out for yourself.
-Isle of Dogs is a wonderful stop-motion animated Wes Anderson film. This instant classic follows the 12-year-old Atari in his search for his dog, as all the pets from the City of Megasaki have been exiled to an island. It's got adventure, drama, and of course the charming humor expected from a film by Wes Anderson.
- As a sequel to the 2013 Pacific Rim, Pacific Rim: Uprising takes on the story to the next level. 10 years after what happened in the original blockbuster, Jake Pentecost reunites with Mako Mori for a new generation of Jaeger pilots to fight the Kaiji (monsters). If you have no idea what any of that means, you should check out the 2013 original. For either one: be ready for a colossal, awesome science fiction treat where robots take on monsters.

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