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28/07/2015 - 

No longer miss out on the newest Nintendo games thanks to Nintendo Points!

Do you enjoy playing games? Then you have probably heard of Nintendo and their biggest game "Super Mario". The corporation has produced many different consoles, such as the Game Boy, Nintendo 64, Nintendo DSi and the Wii.

You can buy games for these consoles with Nintendo Points. It is dependent on the type of console where you have to redeem your points.

On the Nintendo Points Card is now available in £15 and £25. This way you can save yourself a trip to the store and still buy your favourite games and applications.

Buy your Wii Points online

You can now buy your Wii points in a fast and simple way on An eShop card of £15 is equal to 1500 points and the £25 card is the same as 2500 points. Select the gift card in the desired amount and enter your personal information. Once you have payed for your order, the Nintendo eShop code will be sent directly to the given email address. You can immediately redeem this code for Wii Points or DSi Points.

On the Nintendo Points Card is now available in £15 and £25

What to redeem: Wii or DSi Points?

Nintendo Points is the collective name of DSi Points and Wii Points. There is only one difference between these two and that is the shop in which you redeem them. You will have to decide on which device you want to use the Nintendo Points. Are you going to redeem the gift card on the Wii or DSi? Add them to the Wii Shop Channel and they will be transferred to Wii Points. Now you can only use them to buy Wii content. Did you add your points to the DSi Shop? Then you have DSI Points, which are only valid to buy DSi content.

Don't worry if you have a 3DS or WiiU! You can still use the Nintendo gift card in the eShop. In this online store, your gift card will be transferred to credit instead of points. Your account will be topped up with £15 or £25. After this you can buy the newest games, classics and try free demos.

Note: it is not possible to divide the Nintendo gift card over more than one console.
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