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15/07/2016 - 

Make your move in Pokémon Go and become a real-life Pokémaster!

is time to wake up your inner Ash Ketchum! Call Brock and Misty together, to start a new Poké adventure. You cannot have missed it: dozens of people strolling down the streets with their smartphones in their hand. No, they are not lost or busy texting. The Pokémon Go app has been released and it is a real hype! With this app you can go out to catch and train Pokémon. So, time to get those Pokéballs out!
Are you ready to catch ‘em all? -

What is Pokémon Go?

Pokémon Go is the perfect combination of pure nostalgia, modern technology and the ideal opportunity to escape reality. The app works with a GPS signal, which lets you see a map of your surroundings on your smartphone. When you step outside, you will immediately notice that the Pokémon are everywhere. Waterpokémon are hidden in the water and grasspokémon are hidden in the bushes. When your phone vibrates, there is a Pokémon nearby which you can catch. Swipe your Pokéball to catch him. Once the Pokémon is caught, he will be placed in your Pokédex. Luckily, Jesse and James are nowhere to be seen.

Tips and trick for Pokémon Go

Would you like to take your game to the next level? These tips and tricks are useful for sure!

1. The best moment to use incense
We have the answer! You probably use it at a place where the Pokémon are rare and you have to wait for them. What works best? Go out and walk around. The more you walk, the more Pokémon you can catch. Are you out of incense and you did not get any at the Pokéstops? Give yourself a little extra and buy it in the Pokémon shop, you can do this with Google Play or iTunes credit.

2. Use special attacks during a battle in the gym
Yes, we are guilty. When we get into a battle in the gym, we tick as quickly as possible on our screen and move left and right. A smarter tactic? Hold your Pokémon down on the screen and, when your meter (under the health meter) is full, let go. That was good attack, wasn’t it?

3. Make the gyms of your team stronger
Are you going strong on conquering other gyms? Do not forget to strengthen your own gyms. You can do this by choosing the ‘Train’ option. Your gym will get higher Prestige Points which will allow you to add more Pokémon - subsequently that will make it even more challenging for your rivals to take over the gym!

4. Use overcrowding in your advantage
One thing is for sure: just catch all those annoying Zubats and Pidgeys. When you transfer these Pokémon to the professor, you will get candy in return. So do not let them go!

5. Use Pokévision and a Pokémon Go Map to explore the environment before you rush out of your frontdoor
Awesome, all those Pokémon in your neighbourhood, but unfortunately Pokémon Go does not tell you how far away Meowth or Pinsir actually are. With plug-ins and websites like Pokémap and Pokémapper it is possible to find out in real time, which Pokémon are hiding in your environment and where exactly they will pop up on the map. This way you know if it is worth to get out of your house. If you are on the right track of becoming a real Pokémaster, you definitely do not want to waste energy and time. Prevent getting lost with a Pokémon Go Map!

Just started? Then you must not miss these tricks!

1. A strategy can help to catch Pokémon of a higher level
When a Pokémon has more than 100 CP, it might be difficult to catch them. But do not worry, there are a few ways which make it easier to catch these Pokémon.
Observe the ring around the Pokémon, when the colored circle is at its smallest you must throw the Pokéball
The color of the circle is also important, green = easy, yellow = a little more difficult and red = very difficult
You will get Razz Berries which you can throw to the Pokémon to get their CP down which makes it easier to catch them
Turn of your AR function when you are catching a Pokémon, it makes it a lot easier

2. Do not lose your missed Pokéballs
Have you wasted some Pokéballs because you did not throw them the right way? This does not have to happen anymore! Tap on your Pokéball when you missed and you will get it back.

There is a sidenote that comes with this tip. Many players have said that after trying, they did get their Pokéballs back after tapping on them while others said they only managed to do this this with Great-and/or Ultraballs. However, on a lot of Pokémon Go message boards you will read that you can tap on Pokéballs as much as you want, you will not get them back. The only thing tapping does is clear your screen. So, try it yourself and keep a close eye on your inventory!

3. Start the game with your favourite Pokémon
That is right, it is possible to start the game with a Pikachu. At the beginning of the game you will have the choice between three classic Pokémon (Charmander, Bulbasaur and Squirtle). When you run away four times, Pikachu will appear on your Map! Pika Pika!

4. Where do you find Pokémon?
The easiest places to find Pokémon are the dark green bushes on the map. These are ‘in real-life’ parks and large fields. Furthermore, Pokémon can be found in their natural habitat. You will find rockpokémon in urban areas and steelpokémon in buildings and railroads.

Pokemon Go release

After the US, Australia and Germany it is our turn! Pokémon Go’s official launch in the UK was yesterday. Haven't got the app yet? It is now possible to download the game in the Google Play or iTunes Store of the United Kingdom.

Get Up and Go!

Are you ready to be the best Pokémaster and catch the most Pokémon? You can buy Pokécoins with a Google Play Card or an iTunes Card. With this you have a little extra, such as extra Pokéballs, Lures and other items within no time. Before you begin, check all the ins and outs of the app, join your friends and go out to catch ‘em all!

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