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06/01/2017 - 

Start the cold new year with these 6 hot game releases

New year, new games! Get ready for a bunch of incredible game releases, isn't that a fantastic way to start 2017? We don’t know what games you’re counting down the days to, but we thought it was worth mentioning the following ones.:

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard - 24 January 2017
Enjoy your good night sleep while you can, because after playing the newest Resident Evil you won’t be able to close your eyes. The game transports you to a derelict plantation mansion in America where you are supposed to fight your biggest fears and stark threats. Do you dare to watch the trailer?

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Nioh - 8 February 2017
Pull your sword and join the battle during the bloody, 16th century Japanese Sengoku-period. Playing as William, a samurai without a master, you cross the country and fight ferocious samurai, beasts and demons. There’s no way back, so you have to stay brave and keep fighting, don’t be afraid to look death in the eye!

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For Honor - 14 February 2017
Velocity, strategy and teamwork are key in this game. Become a master of medieval weaponry and fight as a knight, viking or samurai in this new third-person multiplayer game. Watch the trailer and get carried away!

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Sniper Elite 4 - 14 February 2017
Being single is the best thing that can happen to you on Valentine’s day. Staying in and gaming all day is the way to go! Are you, Karl Fairburne, ready to execute dangerous tasks on the Apennine peninsula? This game brings you back to a post WW II environment with all different kinds of weapons and missions.

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Halo Wars 2 - 21 February 2017
Yet another enemy is threatening the Halo universe… Will you and your crew of the Spirit of Fire be able to protect the world against the Armageddon? You will be leading armies of Spartans, Warthogs and Scorpions during exciting and dangerous missions and combat a frightening enemy. Let’s hope things turn out fine!

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Horizon Zero Dawn - 1 March 2017
This game takes you to the post-apocalyptic world of a forgotten civilisation, where hunter-gatherer tribes live among the ruins and nature. Experience the world through the eyes of Aloy, a young hunter who tries to figure out what happened in her world, and how robotic looking dinosaurs came in control.

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More game releases will come over the next months, keep an eye on our website for updates!

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