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23/11/2016 - 

Steam sale survival guide

Steam sale survival guide[img src=/storage/newsbulletin/files/games.jpg]alt[/img]Four times a year all the happiness in the world gathers during the sale in the Steam Store. The only difficulty is that you never know when it exactly starts. It is more than normal that all the build up tension finds its way out on that day. But this time will be different! With our five tips & tricks you will keep your feet on the ground during the Steam sale.

1. Keep it cool
Might seem a bit obvious, but with all those discounted games, huge fuss on the website and crashing checkout process, it is easy to panic. Do not let it get under your skin! Take into account that the sale goes on for almost 2 weeks. Take your time and have a look around at all the discounted games and really consider which ones would be an addition to your collection. This prevents you from buying games in the heat of the moment, games you will end up never playing.

2. Think about your budget
There are two types of discounts you have to look out for:

  • ‘General discounts’: this discount applies to the majority of games in the sale. Almost every game that has not been released in the past 6 months gets a discount between 25% and 75%.
  • ‘Highlighted deals’: in this specific selection, certain games in the sale are highlighted. Pay attention to these games! They often get a discount between 50-75%.

3. Put in on your wish list
Are you already using Steam’s wish list? Go for it! Put all the games on there you want to buy, so you know exactly what games to buy during the sale. Furthermore, it gives you an insight in the budget you need to buy all your favourites. You do not want an empty bank account before the sale even starts!

4. Ensure yourself of mobile backup
Download the Steam App! Imagine the sale starts and you are not even close to your computer! Through the app you can immediately check the prices of the games and make your purchase wherever you are. Apart from that, the app keeps you up to date on other special events so you are the first to know everything.

5. Fill up your Steam Wallet with some digital money
No one wants their order to crash during checkout. If you already have credit in your wallet, you will be one step ahead of everyone. A tip for the more advanced: top up your Steam Wallet in the months prior to the sale with a small amount each time. This way you won't have to pay with your eyes closed, because you were smart enough to save!

Keep these tips in the back of your mind and you will be more than prepared for the next Steam sale.

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