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06/04/2016 - 

The best way to spend your PSN Code!

All game lovers beware! Promising PS4 games are coming your way! There is something for everyone: from action to sci-fi and adventure to role-playing games. And best of all: you can buy these games from day one. Which games await us?

The latest PlayStation releases

Dark Souls III
The very first game we can expect this year is Dark Souls III. Starting 12 April, you can throw yourself back into the dark universe of Dark Souls. Customize your character the way you like to and collect armors, weapons and new skills. All this to defeat your enemies and conquer challenges!

Ratchet & Clank
Are you a huge fan of science fiction games? On 22 April you can start a brand new adventure. In the new version of Ratchet & Clank, exclusively for the PS4, several weapons and gadgets have been added. The goal of the game is to stop the evil Chairman Drek with destroying every planet in the Solana galaxy. This time with even better graphics and in-game visuals. Are you gonna save the universe?

Shadow of the Beast
Take on the role of Aarbon, who was kidnapped as a child and has become a monstrous beast. This game is full of action and has one goal: defeating the evil mage Maletoth. The slaughter of your enemies and the help of the dead give you strength. Do everything you can to unravel the truth and free yourself from the shadow of the beast. Shadow of the Beast will be available from 17 May.

Horizon Zero Dawn
Colossal mechanized creatures have stolen a landscape of humanity and reversed the evolution of humans. Humans are living in tribes yet again and have to survive as hunter-gatherers. You play Aloy, a skilled hunter protecting her tribe against the machines. Immerse yourself into the adventure and uncover secrets of a forgotten civilisation! Horizon Zero Dawn will be released this year.

Start your fight in Alienation from 26 April! Stop the domination of the aliens on your planet. Gather the strongest soldiers and combine the most brutal firepower and deadliest tactics to win. When the heat is on, call other players to back you up. Only the strongest will survive. Fight your way, because this is your war.

All releases at a glance:
  • Dark Souls III - 12 April
  • Ratchet & Clank- 22 April
  • ALIENATION- 26 April
  • Battleborn - 3 May
  • Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End - 10 May
  • Shadow of the Beast - 17 May
  • No Man’s Sky - 24 June
  • RIGS Mechanized Combat League - not yet known
  • Horizon Zero Dawn - not yet known

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