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30/08/2016 - 

These are the Netflix release dates you do not want to miss

By now, the release dates of Netflix Originals like Orange is the New Black and House of Cards are behind us. But do not worry, it is only getting better! To prepare yourself for the following months, we give you an overview of shows and films to expect this fall. Oh Netflix, how incredible are you. It is not that bad to do nothing else but watching Netflix on a rainy afternoon…

Narcos SE2 - 2 September 2016
As a true Narcos fan, you as of all others will know that a second season is coming soon. Just wait a little bit longer! After a thrilling ending of the first season with an attack on La Cathedral, the show continues. Will Pablo Escobar escape the soldiers? What will his loyal followers do? So many questions, and we want answers! We already know that Pablo will die during the show, but will it be in this season?

Chef’s Table: France SE3 - 2 September 2016
After the successful first two seasons of Chef’s Table, the Emmy-nominated series continues in France. Chefs Alain Passard, Michel Troisgros, Adeline Grattard and Alexandre Couillon are followed in their live as top notch chefs. You will see all the ins and outs at their restaurants and they will show you the finest dishes. Believe us, it is going to get you mouth-watering in no-time.

Marvel’s Luke Cage - 30 September 2016
After Jessica Jones and Daredevil it is time for no one less than Luke Cage! Main character Luke Cage possesses unknown powers after a failed experiment in prison. To be honest, he does not really want to know anything about it. But New York needs him to make sure the streets of Harlem are safe. This ends for him, as it does for us, in never ending nights. Be prepared for a lot of action, humor, and of course some drama. Let the binge-watching begin!

The Ranch SE1 Part 2 - 7 October 2016
In part 1 of The Ranch we saw how Colt (Ashton) came back to the ranch. Ever since that moment, a lot has happened. We've seen the ups and downs of the Bennet family, including Abby's engagement. But is the wedding still on? Or are Abby and Colt getting back together? Tune in for the 2nd part of the season and find out!

Haters Back Off - 14 October 2016
Meet Miranda Sings: actress, dancer, singer, swimmer, model.... basically, there is nothing she can't do. Follow this 'untalented' rising star with more than 6,5 million 'Miranda' followers in Haters Back Off. No matter how often things go wrong, you can't stop Miranda. Get ready and experience the first season!

Black Mirror SE3 - 21 October 2016
This October third season of Black Mirror, the Emmy award-winning show, will appear on Netflix. Black Mirror mainly focuses on the development of technology in the 21st century and in the future. It is the kind of show which requires you to constantly pay attention, because every episode is a story on itself and has a very exciting plot. The show is filled with particularities, which makes it definitely worth watching it!

The Crown - 4 November 2016
The Crown is about the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, including her personal troubles. It is the most expensive show Netflix has ever made - the costs were about 134 million pounds. And that is noticeable! All those royal jewels, the gigantic sets and the gorgeous costumes. It promises to be an amazing show! One thing is certain, we can not wait until 4 november.

Beat Bugs SE2 - 18 November 2016
This show is perfect for the little ones! The five extremely adorable creatures in this show live in a backyard and are fond of Beatles Music. And yes, these are all they ever sing - well actually o.a. Sia, P!nk en Robbie Williams are singing. This way your little one listens to something else for once! The little creatures discover life and learn the most important life-lessons. From our point of view, a great way to raise your kids musically. One thing is for sure, the show will keep them busy for a while!

Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life - 25 November 2016
Stars Hallow, Luke’s, the kitchen of Lorelai and the eternal question: are Luke and Lorelai together or not? We can relive it all in the newest four-part show. A glimpse of what is coming? Scott Patterson (Luke) told People Magazine the following concerning his relationship with Lorelai: "I can tell you that we are together. We are together and we are sort of figuring out our next step”. It does not get any better than this. Please let it be 25 november soon!

Releases Netflix
If you thought this was it, think again! There is more to come on Netflix. So keep your Netflix Gift Card close, because there will be quite a number of releases the following season. Below an overview of the releases known so far:

  • Easy SE2 - 22 September
  • Midnight Dinner - 21 October
  • Lovesick SE2 - 17 November
  • Captive - 9 December

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