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22/09/2018 - 

Top 5 binge-worthy series on Netflix

Top 5 binge-worthy series on Netflix


Whether your binge-watching sessions are relatively tame or you suffer from full-blown Netflix addiction: we’ve got you covered.
Call us enablers; we’d rather see it as a nudge in the right direction. One that will give you hours of series-induced pleasure.
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Peaky Blinders

Set in the aftermath of WWI, Peaky Blinders is not your average series.
The plot centers around The Shelby’s: a British criminal family that wants to gain control over Birmingham.
Follow Tommy (just returned from the war) as he schemes with his family, whilst fighting other criminal families and the British government.
Expect lots of swearing, blood, romance and a surprisingly suave Birmingham accent...
Rumour has it lead actor Cillian Murphy will become the next James Bond and we’re pretty sure his role in Peaky Blinders had something to do with it!


Tired of watching dark and gloomy shows? You need some GLOW in your life!
This show features unconventional female actresses who become wrestlers for a new tv show.
The ‘80’s vibe is spot on, so get ready for some nostalgia.
The series was created, mostly written by, and directed by women - but it manages to appeal to both sexes.

The End of the F*cking World

If you’re looking for a quirky, touching series on Netflix, this is it.
The main character isn’t your average teenager.
He’s a psychopath who has graduated from killing animals and is ready for something bigger.
The girl he’s got his eye on goes to his school, has anger-issues and happens to be in a relationship with him.
He’s also travelling across England with her to escape his annoying dad, before he gets around to actually killing her. Wait, what?
Expect more strange twists and turns from this unlikely Netflix gem.


Ever wondered why some people become serial killers?
Agent Holden Ford thinks that enough research will help him wrap his mind around the senseless violence.
With the help of the Behavioural Science Unit agent Bill Tench, he visits imprisoned serial killers, hoping to gain some insights.
It seems that the agents aren’t immune to the constant exposure to serial killers, so the series takes an eerie turn.
People interested in criminal psychology will love this - as will anyone who’s ideal binge-watching material is seriously disturbing.

Better call Saul

Loved Breaking Bad? You should definitely take a look at Saul Goodman’s origin story.
What happened before he became the lawyer that Walter White manipulated?
Starring Bob Odenkirk and set six years before Breaking Bad, it will convince you that a spinoff isn’t always worse than the original.

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