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29/06/2015 - 

Why you should try Spotify now

Are you looking for an easy way to get all the music you want? With the Spotify vouchers, which are now available at, this is possible! This gift card can be used to purchase a Spotify membership. With the membership you get access to music of almost any artist you can think of. Perfect for music lovers all over the world! The Spotify voucher is available for £10 and £30. Now is the perfect time to try out the online streaming service. Spotify has the following offer until July 5th: 60 days Spotify Premium try-out. After this period the membership costs £9.99 per month. You can easily pay for your premium account with a Spotify code.

Try Spotify Premium for free!

Do you regularly stream music? After the announcement of the new music streaming service of Apple, Spotify has its answer: an extended free trial period of Spotify Premium! If you do not have a (free) Spotify membership, you can try the Premium version for 60 days. Normally you would get access to the service for 30 days but this is now extended to 60 days.You can apply for this offer till the 5th of July, so hurry up! Spotify Premium

Why should I try Spotify?

Why should you try Spotify Premium? A membership has many benefits. You have access to the entire music library of the service and you can listen to the songs without any commercial interruptions. Other benefits are the possibility to download music in HD quality, listen to your favourite tunes offline and skip every song you do not want to listen to.

Would you like to extend your membership after the 60 days free trial? With our Spotify code you can immediately pay for your membership.

Tip! The music service also contains a brand new feature: Taste Rewind. Select three artists and based on your choices, the tool predicts the music you would have probably listened to back in the "old days". Taste Rewind immediately creates a playlist of these "Golden Oldies".
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