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Nexon Game Card

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Nexon 5.0
£5.00 + £0.99 service fee Nexon 5,000 NX Points
Direct delivery
Nexon 10.0
£10.00 + £0.99 service fee Nexon 10,000 NX Points
Direct delivery
Nexon 20.0
£20.00 + £0.99 service fee Nexon 20,000 NX Points
Direct delivery
Nexon 30.0
£30.00 + £0.99 service fee Nexon 30,000 NX Points
Direct delivery
Nexon 50.0
£50.00 + £0.99 service fee Nexon 57,500 NX Points
Direct delivery

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Buy Nexon Game Card

Do you play MapleStory or MapleStory 2? Or one of the other massive multiplayer games published by Nexon? With a Nexon Card you can buy NX, Nexon’s online in-game currency. NX is used to enhance your experience playing one of their online games. If you are a MapleStory player, you can use NX to purchase special items to customize your house or buy a “Mount” in the MapleStory Cash Shop. Vindictus players can spend NX to customize their character in the Avatar Shop.
The Nexon Card is also a great gift for MapleStory players, or players of any other Nexon game!
Just select the correct amount of NX and fill in your email address. Use one of our safe and fast payment methods and you’ll receive your Nexon Card code within 30 seconds, so you can redeem it for NX immediately!

What can I use the Nexon Card and NX for?

With the Nexon Card you can purchase NX, the in-game currency for Nexon games. If you buy a Nexon Card from us, it can be redeemed in your Nexon Account. You can spend your NX on items in the MapleStory’s Cash Shop, in the Vindictus Avatar Shop, or one of the other Nexon games.

How to redeem the Nexon Card for NX?

There are two ways of redeeming the Nexon Game Card for NX after you’ve received the Nexon Game Card code by email. The first is to redeem it on

1. If you want to add NX to spend in Nexon Games, you’ll need a Nexon Account.
2. To add credit to your Nexon Account, you first log into your account. Then you click on “My Account”, and select “Add Balance” in the drop-down menu.
3. Under the heading “NX Prepaid”, you’ll find “Additional payment methods”. Here you can select “Nexon Cards”.
4. Enter the PIN code you received by email, and click “Validate” to activate the Nexon Game Card to receive your NX.
5. You now have NX added to your balance, you can start spending it in the Nexon shops!

The second way is to redeem them directly from the Nexon Launcher (where you launch Nexon games):

1. Log into the Nexon Launcher with your Nexon Account.
2. Click on the “Add Balance” tab at the top of the launcher.
3. Click on “Nexon Game Card” as your preferred payment method.
4. Enter the PIN code you received by email to exchange the Nexon Game Card into NX, and click “Validate”.
5. You now have NX added to your balance, you can start spending it in the Nexon shops!

What kind of account do you need to redeem my Nexon Card?

To redeem your Nexon Card, you will need a Nexon Account. You can create a Nexon account on:

How long is my Nexon card valid?

The Nexon Card never expires and can be redeemed for NX at any time.

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