Pokémon Go credit iOS

iTunes Code £15 iTunes Code £15
iTunes Code £25 iTunes Code £25
iTunes Code £50 iTunes Code £50
iTunes Code £100 iTunes Code £100

Pokémon Go credit Android

Google Play Gift Card 10 Pounds Google Play £10
This product is currently not in stock.
Google Play Gift Card 20 Pounds Google Play £20
Google Play Gift Card 25 Pounds Google Play £25
Google Play Gift Card 30 Pounds Google Play £30

Pokemon Go Promotions for Mobiletopup.co.uk How much Pokécoins do you get with Google Play or/and iTunes credit?

  • iTunes 10GBP = 1.400 PokéCoins
  • iTunes 15GBP = 2.500 PokéCoins
  • iTunes 25GBP = 3.900 PokéCoins

  • Google Play 10GBP = 1.400 PokéCoins
  • Google Play 20GBP = 3.150 PokéCoins
  • Google Play 25GBP = 3.900 PokéCoins
  • Google Play 30GBP = 5.200 PokéCoins
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Pokémon Go credit

Are you showing your Pokémon collection to everyone these days? You are not alone, Pokémon Go is incredibly popular in the UK. Are you looking for a boost in the game? No problem! On Mobiletopup.co.uk you can order a Google Play Card or iTunes Code to top up your in-game credit. Order your gift card within 30 seconds and you will receive the code directly by email. You can continue right away!

Redeem Pokémon Go credit

Once you received your Google Play Card code or iTunes code, you can redeem it right away. You need an Android-device or browser to redeem your Google Play Code in the Play Store in Europe. To redeem the iTunes Code you need an UK Apple ID, this can be done in one of the Apple stores on every iOS device. The credit has no expiration date, so you can use it whenever you want to.

What will I be able to do with Pokémon Go credit?

You can use Pokémon Go credit for in-game purchases. For just £10 you can purchase more than 1.200 coins! Get the maximum out of your game with these Pokécoins. You can buy the following in-game items:
  • Standard Pokéballs
  • Incense
  • Lucky Eggs
  • Lure modules
  • Incubators for your eggs
  • Backpack upgrade, to carry 50 more items
  • Storage upgrade, so you can carry 50 additional Pokémon

Depending on your device you can buy your Google Play Card or iTunes credit here. So you will become the ultimate Pokémaster even faster!

Pokémon Go trailer

Pokémon Go trailer