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Talk Home top up

Buy your Talk Home Card quickly and easily at Talk Home is a prepaid calling service that offers great rates on your favourite international call destinations or domestic calls. Choose between a Talk Home Calling Card or a Talk Home Mobile top up. Select the product and top up amount, fill in your email address and select a secured payment method. Make sure that you have checked your order before confirming. Shortly after your payment has been approved, the voucher code will appear on the following page and you will receive the Talk Home code by email. Use the instructions below to instantly use your Talk Home Card.

How do I top up my Talk Home phone credit?

Option 1:
Dial *123* and follow the instructions to top up your balance.

Option 2:
You can also top up by dialing 579 and contacting the Talk Home customer service.

How do I use my Talk Home Calling Card?

To make use of your Talk Home Calling Card, call one of the following access numbers from your phone:
• Local access: 0845 034 1919
• London access: 0330 993 7333 or 0330 777 1212 or 0207 862 6373
• Freephone: 0800 786 0786 or 0800 368 5828

When asked, enter your Talk Home Calling Card voucher code. Then dial the number you would like to call. NOTE: for international calls make sure you dial 00, the country code, city code and local number.