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Bitsa 15 €
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Bitsa 25 €
£23.00 + £2.99 service fee Bitsa 25 €
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Bitsa 50 €
£46.00 + £3.99 service fee Bitsa 50 €
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Bitsa 100 €
£92.00 + £4.99 service fee Bitsa 100 €
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About Bitsa

Paying anonymously online is safe and easy with BITSA. This handy prepaid creditcard can be used anywhere VISA is accepted. This includes Amazon, the playstation store and countless other webshops and digital services.

Top up your digital or physical BITSA card now on Mobiletopup.co.uk. It's fast, safe & simple! Just select the amount you want, enter your email address and pay with your favourite trusted payment method. Your new BITSA code will arrive in your email in 30 seconds.

How can I redeem my BITSA code?

You can redeem your BITSA code through the website or App in a few simple steps:


Redeem online:

  1. Go to the BITSA website and log in your BITSA Account

  2. Select your virtual credit card

  3. Click on Top Up, and select Voucher

  4. Enter the code you received from Recharge.com

  5. Accept the Terms and Conditions and top up fee

  6. Recharge is completed.


Redeem in-app:

  1. Open the App, click on your virtual credit card. To create a BITSA Card, click on the + in the top right corner

  2. Click on Top Up, and select Voucher

  3. Enter the code you received from Recharge.com

  4. Accept the Terms and Conditions and top up fee

  5. Recharge is completed.


To pay using the BITSA Prepaid Card, type in the credit card number and CVC wherever you want to pay with VISA. If you have a physical BITSA Card, you can use it to pay in store.

What can I use my BITSA for?

A BITSA top up voucher allows you to upload money to your BITSA card. A BITSA card can be used almost anywhere that VISA cards are accepted. There are many options:

  •  Use it for online shopping

  • Pay in stores

  • Transfer money (SEPA)

  • Withdraw money from ATMs

  • Transfer between cards

  • Use it to pay abroad when on holiday.

How long is my BITSA code valid for?

Your BITSA code is valid for 3 months after purchase.

How can I check my current BITSA balance?

In 3 simple steps:

  1. Go to the BITSA website / app

  2. Log in your BITSA Account

  3. Click on your virtual credit card. This where your available balance is shown.

How can I contact BITSA customer service?

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