Lycamobile Top Up

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Lycamobile 10 Pounds Pay as you Go £10
Lycamobile 15 Pounds Pay as you Go £15
Lycamobile 20 Pounds Pay as you Go £20

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Lyca top up

You can easily and quickly purchase a Lyca Top Up voucher online via You can top up Lyca online within 30 seconds. You select the Lycamobile UK top up amount, then you check your order and you pay with PayPal or any of the other secure payment methods. After successful payment, the voucher code will appear directly and you will also receive the Lyca top up voucher by email. You can then directly top up your Lycamobile Pay As You Go Plan using the instructions below.

How do I top up my Lyca phone credit?

You can top up Lyca using a Lycamobile Top Up Voucher in two ways.

Option 1:
1. Enter * 131 * PIN # on the mobile phone you would like to top up.
2. Followed by the SEND button.

Option 2:
1. Dial 321 or # 92.
2. Follow the spoken instructions in the menu.

* You can top up Lycamobile phone credit from abroad by calling +44 7404 000 321. Once Lyca Top Up is successful, you will receive a confirmation.

How do I check my Lyca credit balance?

You can check your Lycamobile balance at any time in several simple ways.

Option 1:
1. Enter *131# or 94# on the mobile phone for the current balance.
2. Then you will receive a message stating the remaining Lycamobile credit.

Option 2:
321 or 95 # and listen to your balance being stated.

* You can check your Lycamobile Top Up balance from abroad, dialling the number +44 7404 000 321.

How long is my Lyca phone credit valid?

Your Lyca Top Up credit has unlimited validity. Though it is important to use your Lycamobile SIM card with some regularity. If you top up your phone credit within 90 days, the new credit will be added to the remaining Lyca Top Up credit. Please keep this in mind when topping up your Lycamobile credit.