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About Transcash UK

Transcash offers all the benefits of a creditcard without the hassle. Pay anywhere, where MasterCard is accepted. Online or offline.

In order to use Transcash codes you need a Transcash card. Currently you can only order one in France & Italy

Topping up your Transcash card is fast, safe & simple on Recharge.com. Simply enter your email and select the amount you need. Use one of the many trusted payment methods to pay. The code is in your mailbox in 30 seconds

How can I redeem my Transcash code?

Redeem your Transcash code online by following these steps:

  1. Log in to your personal Transcash pagetranscashmastercard.espace-personnel.fr/login

  2. Go to the Rechargement section

  3. Enter your coupon code Transcash that you received by e-mail to reload your card with the amount of the reload

In order to load a Transcash voucher you must be a Transcash cardholder.

How can I check my current Transcash balance?

Log in to your account to check your Transcash balance.

What is Transcash?

A Transcash card is a prepaid credit card. With it, you can pay anywhere that accepts payment with MasterCard, such as Amazon or Ebay. Any EU resident over 18 can use this card. You can top it up at any time.

How do you buy a Transcash card?

If you live in France or Italy, you can purchase a Transcash card in a store or order it online. You can use the Transcash anywhere if you activate to the ESSENTIAL formula.

What can I use my Transcash code for?

You can use it to top up your Transcash card.

Where can I use the Transcash card?

The Formule ACCESS of the Carte Noire can only be used in France. If you switch to ESSENTIAL or MAX, you will be able to use the card in France and abroad. To switch to ESSENTIAL you have to have a European National Identity Card or European passport.

What kind of account do I need to redeem my Transcash gift card?

To redeem this product, you will need a Transcash account and a Transcash card.

I was asked to buy a Transcash code here. Is this normal?

Did a delivery guy call you? Did you receive an unexpected verification email? Have you sold or ordered an item online?

If you are here because someone you don't know has asked you to purchase this code, we recommend that you be extra careful . Online fraudsters often masquerade as trusted people or organizations. We unfortunately won't be able to help you if they get their hands on your code.

How long is my Transcash code valid for?

Transcash codes last forever. The expiration date of the Transcash card can be seen on your card.

Can I purchase a Transcash code with PayPal?

Yes! You can pay on Recharge.com with many trusted payment methods, including PayPal.

How can I contact the Customer Service of Transcash?

You can reach the Transcash customer service by phone or email:

Email: service-client@trans-cash.fr

Phone: 0826 666 555 (0.15 € / MIN + price of a call)
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