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About PCS

PCS is a prepaid credit card. With it, you can do anything you can do with any other MasterCard. Control your funds when you travel or spend it on online shopping and gaming. No commitment or bank details needed. Shop at the many webshops connected to the Mastercard network.

If you have a PCS card, you can top it up easily and quickly on Mobiletopup.co.uk. Use one of the many payment methods we offer to purchase this PCS top-up code.

How can I redeem my PCS code?

You can redeem your Carte PCS code online, in the app, or by sms:


  1. Visit the PCS website.

  2. Go to Dashboard, Recharger ma carte, and enter the code, click Envoyer to continue.


Go to the PCS App, log in, tap Recharger and select Coupon to enter the code.


Send RECH followed by a space, the 10-digit recharge code and the last 4 digits of your PCS MasterCard to the following number:

- 0601787878 (BLACK PCS)

- 0757575555 (PCS CHROME)

- 0750090000 (PCS INFINITY)

What is PCS?

A PCS card is a prepaid credit card. With it, you can pay securely at any member store that accepts payment with MasterCard, such as Amazon or Ebay. Any EU resident over 18 can use this card and you can top it up at any time.

What can I use my PCS voucher for?

You can use the voucher to top up your Carte PCS Mastercard. If you don't have a PCS card you can order one as long as you live in Europe. The PCS MasterCard can be used for all MasterCard Payments if you have a verified Carte PCS account.

What kind of account do I need to redeem my PCS code?

To redeem this product, you will need a Carte PCS account and a Carte PCS Mastercard, virtual or physical. You can buy a Carte PCS if you live in Europe. If you want to use your PCS card for all MasterCard payments you have to verify your PCS account.

How long is my PCS voucher code valid for?

Your Carte PCS voucher is valid for 1 year.

I was asked to buy a PCS code here. Is this normal?

Did a delivery guy call you? Did you receive an unexpected verification email? Have you sold or ordered an item online? If you are here because someone you don't know has asked you to purchase this code, we recommend that you be extra careful . Online fraudsters often masquerade as trusted people or organizations. We unfortunately won't be able to help you if they get their hands on your code.

How can I check my current PCS balance?

You can find your PCS balance in the PCS app and website. You can also request it from thecustomer service. To request your balance by SMS, send an SMS with Solde followed by the last 4 digits of your PCS MasterCard . Depending on the card, you can also send this sms to the following 3 phone numbers (€ 0.20 per SMS):

- 0601787878 (BLACK PCS)

- 0757575555 (PCS CHROME)

- 0750090000 (PCS INFINITY) You will then receive an SMS with the amount of your balance.

How can I contact the customer service?

You can contact the PCS customer service here.
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