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Buy Prepaid Credit Cards and Crypto Gift Cards online

Prepaid credit cards are similar to regular credit cards, with some obvious differences. For example, you don’t need to apply for them and you can’t spend money you don’t have with them. Also, depending on the prepaid card, you can buy and use them instantly online.

Are you concerned about sharing your personal data with websites? Or worry about the safety of paying online? A prepaid credit card or crypto gift card can help.

How to Buy, Use and Gift Prepaid credit cards and Crypto gift cards UK

Instant prepaid credit cards come in the form of a digital code, which you can use to pay directly on selected websites. By paying with a digital code, you minimise the personal and banking data you share online.

Crypto gift cards are also available to buy instantly online. They also come in the form of a digital code, which you can use to purchase cryptocurrencies, without sharing your banking details with the cryptocurrency vendor.

Where to Buy a Prepaid Credit Card or Crypto Gift Card UK?

Mobiletopup.co.uk offers a wide selection of prepaid credit cards, including CASHlib, Neosurf, CASHU, ecoVoucher, Flexepin, bitnovo, PCS, and Transcash . Here you can also buy paysafecard online. All prepaid credit cards are available instantly online, and you can use them to pay on a variety of gaming, entertainment or shopping websites. Struggling to choose the right prepaid credit card for you? Take a look at our guide to help you pick the best prepaid card for each occasion.
For first-time paysafecard users, we also have a handy overview of how paysafecard works.

More interested in crypto gift cards? You can get your Crypto Voucher within seconds as well.

Instant Prepaid Credit Card for Shopping

Prepaid credit cards can be a good choice for safe online shopping. Different prepaid credit cards have partnerships with different types of merchants online. That’s why you should pick your prepaid credit card based on what you plan to buy.

For example, if you want to use it primarily for gaming online, you might want to choose CASHlib. It’s accepted as a direct payment method on the GooglePlay store, PSN Store, and hundreds of other online gaming websites.

Instant Prepaid Credit Card for Travel

There’s a prepaid credit card for everything. Including travel or accommodation reservations in the Middle East. Even if you won’t be making the reservation yourself, you can gift a CASHU prepaid credit card code to a loved one in the Middle East, and give them the freedom to make travel plans using their favourite local merchant.

Online Prepaid Credit Cards for Kids, Teens, or Minors

As a parent, you might be wondering how to safely introduce your children to the world of online payments. There are many solutions for that. Prepaid credit cards can be one of them. For example, if your teenager is a big Assassin’s Creed fan, you can get them a Neosurf, which they can use as a payment method directly on the Ubisoft website to purchase the game. That way you know they can only spend the amount you’ve prepaid for, and you know what they will spend it on.

Ready to try prepaid credit cards and crypto gift cards UK?

Take a look at our selection of prepaid credit cards and crypto gift cards above. On each card’s website, you can find a list of their partner merchants, who accept the card as a payment method. Try the safer and simpler way to pay online.

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