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UK Gift Cards: How to quickly get, give and use them

Buying a UK gift card online is a great choice. Here’s why:

  • Any gift card you could get at a physical store is now instantly available online on mobiletopup.co.uk.
  • Ordering is a matter of seconds. That’s handy if you’re buying a last-minute gift. Also handy if you’re buying the gift card for yourself.
  • You receive your digital gift card as a code in your inbox. The code is ready to redeem on your favourite entertainment or shopping service in the UK.

Find out more about the best ways to use your UK gift card from the list below.

What can you use gift cards for?

Not a fan of subscriptions or automatic renewals? Gift cards, or entertainment vouchers, are a smart way to try out a new entertainment service. No strings attached. For example, you could enjoy Spotify Premium for 1, 3, 6 or 12 months without an automatic subscription. Once your Spotify gift card expires, your account will revert back to Free.

Same goes for Netflix - you could get a Netflix gift card and binge watch for exactly the duration you choose. Once your Netflix credit expires, you won’t be charged automatically. Instead. you’ll get a notification.

Another good use for gift cards is online shopping. Top up your account using a gift card and shop at Amazon UK or Zalando UK without sharing your payment details. It’s a good way to take control of your data privacy online. And to keep track of your spending.

Can you use a UK gift card anywhere?

Some services, such as Google Play and the App Store are country-specific. That means that the gift card code you’ll receive can only be redeemed in the UK.

Other gift cards, such as Hotelgift or Flightgiftcard, can be used to book flights or hotels internationally. At the bottom of the gift card page of your interest, you’ll always find information on where and how you can use it. To get to that page, just click on one of the product logos above.

How to buy gift cards instantly online in the UK?

  1. Start by selecting the gift card you’re interested in from the list above.
  2. You’ll see a range of values to choose from. Pick your preferred one.
  3. Pay safely via PayPal, debit or credit card.
  4. You’ll receive your gift card code in your inbox within 30 seconds.

How to redeem a UK gift card?

OK, you have the gift card now, but how do you redeem it? That depends. Redeeming a Uber Eats UK gift card is not the same as redeeming an App Store & iTunes gift card UK, for example. Whatever your product of choice, we’ve made it simple for you.

The same email that contains your code also contains step-by-step instructions on how to redeem it. And you can redeem it instantly - that’s the beauty of digital gift cards.

Lost the email with the instructions? Click on the logo of your product above to go back to the page where you bought your code. You’ll find redeeming instructions at the bottom.

How to give a gift card as a present?

Yes, you can use a gift card for yourself (you deserve it!). But gift cards also make a great gift idea for someone you care about. And since buying gift cards online is instant, they’re perfect as last-minute gifts in the UK.

Does your mom love shopping? Surprise her with a Zalando gift card. Or treat your techie boyfriend to a Google Play Store card.

Even better though - make a sweet gesture without an occasion. Help a friend plan a romantic surprise by sending him a Uber Eats gift card. After all, not everyone can be good at the romance AND the cooking. Whatever the situation is, there’s a gift card for it.

How do you give a gift card code as a present? Sure, you can send the email with the code to the recipient. But you can also let your creativity run wild. You could print the email with the gift card code and embed it in a treasure hunt. Or integrate it in your greeting card and let your recipient guess what the code stands for.

There are plenty of ways to turn a digital gift card into a thoughtful present.

Ready to explore UK gift cards with instant delivery?

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