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PS Plus

PlayStation Plus is a subscription service for your PlayStation. With your PlayStation Plus subscription you can enjoy all the membership benefits on PS4, PS3 and PS Vita. Would you like to play online with your friends? And do you like to receive free games and exclusive discounts? Then the PlayStation Plus membership is perfect for you! You can buy PS Plus on and choose between a subscription of 3 or 12 months. Enter your email address, choose a payment method (like VISA or PayPal) and place your order. After a successful payment, you will receive the Playstation Plus code via e-mail. ATTENTION: The PS Plus codes that are sold on are only valid for the UK.

All your PS Plus benefits

What can you actually do with a PS Plus subscription? There are many benefits. First of all, you receive new games, betas and demos to try out. Next to that, you will receive exclusive discounts, so you can save money on various games and add-ons. With Playstation Plus you can also play online with your friends, even if they don't have the game you are playing. The Shareplay option makes this all possible, provided your friends have a PS subscription too. If you are not convinced yet: on top of these benefits, you will receive two free games every month.

How to redeem your PS Plus code?

You can redeem your PS code on the PS4, PS3 or PS Vita. Start by logging into or choosing your local user account if you are already logged in. On the PlayStation Vita you go to the PlayStation Store, choose ‘Redeem Codes’ and select ‘Continue’ when you have entered your code. On a PS3, you have to go to ‘Account Management’ or the PlayStation Store and select ‘Redeem codes’. If you have a PS4, go to ‘Settings’, PSN℠', 'Account Information', 'Wallet' and 'Add funds’. Press the X button and choose ‘Redeem Code’. Enter the PlayStation Plus code and confirm by pressing 'Continue'. Once you have redeemed your code, it's time to enjoy your PlayStation Plus subscription!