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Nintendo eShop Card 15 Pounds Nintendo £15
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Nintendo eShop Card Codes

Nintendo is an established name in the game industry. The company started as a developer of Hanafuda playing cards in 1889. The first European console was released almost a century later in 1986, and the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), became an instant hit. On you are able to buy the Nintendo eShop Card online. After you have redeemed the card for either Nintendo Points or Nintendo credit, you can purchase content in the Wii Shop channel, Nintendo DSi shop or Nintendo eShop. Once you have chosen a eShop card on the site, enter your email address and place your order. The Nintendo eShop Card code will be sent to you instantly after payment with a Creditcard or PayPal.

How to redeem your Nintendo eShop Card

You only need a wireless internet connection and a shop account for the respective Nintendo console in order to redeem your Nintendo eShop Card. If you would like to use your Nintendo Points in the Wii Shop Channel, you simply open the channel and select “Start Shopping”. Continue by selecting “Add Wii Points” and click on “Redeem Wii Points Card” (could also be named Nintendo Points Card) and enter your code. When you would like to buy content for your DSi, you have to choose the option “Add Nintendo DSi Points” in the Nintendo DSi shop, followed by “Redeem Nintendo Points Card”. 3DS and Wii U users can redeem the eShop Card in the Nintendo eShop. Once the shop has been opened, select the option to “Add Points” and enter your Nintendo eShop Card code.

Decide for which console you would like to use your Nintendo eShop Card beforehand and login to your account on that specific system. This is important because you can only redeem the entire value of the card once and it can not be divided over multiple consoles. Also note that the card can only be used in the UK.

Using Nintendo Points and eShop credit

Are you looking for the newest games? Do you need new chapters, levels and music? Maybe you would like try a demo version of a game you have your eye on or are you curious about the Wii U PIKMIN Short Movies. Whatever you are looking for, you can find it in the wide range of all Nintendo Shops. Have you collected enough games and downloadable content after years of playing? Of course you can also use your credit for Wii and DSi software!