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Online Game Vouchers

How to Buy and Use Game Vouchers Online

Mobiletopup.co.uk makes it possible to get a digital game code within seconds and get back to your game with no delay. Any gamer knows that to keep winning, you need to keep playing. It can be very disruptive to have your subscription end, or to run out of in-game currency in the midst of a game. If you’re on a prepaid subscription, that means you have to go to the shop to buy a new game voucher. Or at least, that’s what it meant until now.

Where Can I Buy Game Vouchers Online?

It really depends on what game or platform you’re using. For Steam users, there are Steam gift cards available online on the Steam website. However, you can only send them to another player. So, you can ask a friend to top up your Steam wallet, or you’ll need to look elsewhere. Your options are two - go to a physical shop, or to a platform like mobiletopup.co.uk, where you can get your Steam voucher UK within seconds.

If you’re playing on Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo, you don’t have the option of buying a digital gift card via the game websites themselves. Luckily, on mobiletopup.co.uk, you can find digital codes for Xbox, PS, and Nintendo.

That’s not all. Mobiletopup.co.uk provides digital codes for many more games and platforms - including Roblox vouchers, EVE Online digital codes, World of Warcraft game time, LoL Riot points, and more.

Why Buy Game Vouchers Online?

If you’re already using a prepaid subscription for your favourite game or gaming platform, then buying your game vouchers online gives you convenience. You can buy them and use them immediately, without going to a physical shop.

If you haven’t used prepaid digital codes for gaming yet, here’s why it might be worth trying:
  • You can test out a new subscription before committing to it. For example, Xbox Live Gold, PS Now, or PS Plus can all be paid for with a prepaid digital code. Once the period you prepaid for expires, there’s no automatic renewal. Then if you’re not a fan of the subscription, you don’t have to continue. Or run the risk of forgetting to cancel it.
  • If you splurge on in-game purchases and would like to have more control over your gaming spending, prepaid codes are one way to go. You can determine the amount of in-game currency you buy. When it runs out, you can’t spend more. At least until you buy a new digital code.

How to Use Your Game Gift Card Online?

When you buy a game voucher online from mobiletopup.co.uk, you receive a digital code in your inbox within 30 seconds. The email containing your digital code will also contain step-by-step instructions on how to use it. For example, you can activate your Xbox Live Gold Membership code or redeem your Xbox Gift Card directly on your Xbox console. Or, you can redeem your PSN card or PS Plus membership on the PlayStation console.

Buy a game voucher online

You can buy a game voucher easily and fast online at Mobiletopup.co.uk. Choose one of our game vouchers by clicking on the logo and select the value of your choice. Fill in your email address and choose one of our secure payment methods such as PayPal and Visa. If your payment has been successful, you will receive the purchased code immediately in your mailbox.

Redeem a game card

It is not only easy to buy a game card online, but it is also easy to redeem one. Redeeming your Xbox Live Gold Membership or Xbox Gift Card can be done through your Xbox console. You can redeem your PSN card or PS Plus membership on the PlayStation console. If you have purchased another game voucher, visit the specific product page for more information. Or use our digital step-by-step guide which you will receive after placing an order.