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Netflix subscription

If you cannot get enough of movies and tv shows, a Netflix subscription is definitely something for you! This subscription has been available in the UK since 2012. It allows you to watch your favourite movies and tv shows at any moment you would like on different devices - such as your phone, computer and even on your game console. At you can easily purchase a Netflix Gift Card. Select the amount you prefer, enter a valid email address and pay with one of our secure payment methods such as PayPal and VISA. After a successful payment, you will immediately receive your Netflix code in your inbox.

How can you redeem your Netflix Gift Card?

You can redeem your Netflix Gift Card at Before you start, you need to create an account at the website of Netflix first. The Netflix code you buy at is only valid in the UK. Follow these easy steps to redeem your Netflix credit:

1. Go to
2. Log in
3. Enter the PIN code (with letters and numbers)
4. Select ‘Redeem’
5. The credit has been added to your Netflix account

When the credit has been added to your Netflix account, you can purchase a subscription. Once your subscription expires , you will be invoiced monthly by Netflix or you can buy a new code on If no payment method is linked to your account, Netflix cannot invoice you. So, your subscription will automatically end.

Which subscription will you choose?

There are three options for a Netflix subscription. You can choose between Basic (£7.99 p/m), Standard (£8,99 p/m) and Premium (£11.99 p/m). If you would like to stream in HD and use four screens at the same time, you should choose Premium. Do you have enough to stream HD on two screens? Get Standard. When you have figured out the kind of subscription you prefer, you can start using Netflix. Netflix offers a lot of movies and tv shows, such as the movie Elysium or the serie Suits. Next to that, their are Netflix Original Series, like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black. Enjoy watching!