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3 top up online

Provider Three (3) was founded in 2003 and launched the UK’s first 3G network. They carry 45% of UK’s mobile data traffic, are rolling out 4G around the country and have over 8 million active customers. On you can easily buy a Three top up voucher and top up 3 within 30 seconds. Just select a Three top up amount above, fill in your email address, choose one of our secure payment methods and check out! After your payment has been validated, you will receive your 3 top up voucher by mail. The Three top up code will also appear directly on your screen. Paired with the given instructions you will be able to top up Three in no-time!

How do I top up my Three phone credit?

Option 1:
1. Dial 444 from the phone you would like to top up.
2. Make sure you have your Three top up voucher code at hand.
3. Choose the option Top-up with a voucher and follow the instructions.
4. When asked, enter the 16-digit voucher code and that is all you have to do.

Option 2:
Another way to top up Three online is to login to your My3 account on your computer or phone.

How do I check my Three credit balance?

Option 1:
One way to check your Three top up credit balance is to dial 444. This will allow you to listen to your current credit balance.

Option 2:
Do you prefer to check your balance online? You can also login to your My3 account on your computer. On your phone you can open Planet 3, visit or use the My3 app to find out your Three credit balance.

How long is my Three phone credit valid?

You have to activate your purchased Three top up within 90 days. Once you have activated your 3 top up, it is valid indefinitely and it will never expire. However, it is important to make a chargeable call or undertake another chargeable activity every 180 days. If you do not do this, Three could terminate or suspend your account due to a lack of activity.