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Three top up

Three 10 Pounds
£10.00 + £1.49 service fee Pay as you Go £10
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Three 15 Pounds
£15.00 + £1.49 service fee Pay as you Go £15
Direct delivery
Three 20 Pounds
£20.00 + £1.49 service fee Pay as you Go £20
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3 top up

Buying Three top up online is the fast, safe and simple way to stay connected. No need to get a 3 Mobile contract. Whenever you need more call credit or mobile data, you can top up Three instantly online.

Call, browse, and app without worrying about a big phone bill at the end of the month. And rest assured that you can buy your next Three top up voucher within 30 seconds, wherever you are.
Get your Three top up in 3 simple steps:
  1. Select a Three top up amount.
  2. Fill in your email address and select a payment method. You can choose between PayPal, Maestro, Discover, Mastercard, Diners, Visa, or China UnionPay.
  3. Complete your payment.
That’s it! Once you complete your order, your Three top up code will appear on your screen. You’ll also receive your Three top up voucher directly in your inbox within 30 seconds. Along with it, you’ll get instructions on how to top up your call credit.

How do I top up my Three call credit?

You have two options to top up using your Three top up voucher:
Three top up phone option:
  1. Call 444 from the 3 mobile you would like to top up.
  2. From the menu, choose the option Top-up with a voucher and follow the instructions.
  3. When asked, enter the 16-digit voucher code you have received. Confirm and you're topped up!

Three top up online option:
  1. Click this link for a 3 top up online using your computer or phone.
  2. Enter your Three mobile number and select Voucher.
  3. Enter your top-up code to receive your 3 call credit.

How do I check my Three credit balance?

You have two options to check your current 3 call credit or mobile data balance.
Check balance by calling:
  1. Call 444 from your Three mobile number
  2. You will hear your current call credit balance

Option 2: Online
  1. Check your Three remaining balance by logging into your My3 account.

How long is my Three call credit valid for?

You have to activate your Three top up voucher within 90 days of purchase. Once activated, your Three call credit or mobile data are valid indefinitely.

Good to know: you have to make a chargeable action at least every 6 months with your Three mobile number. Otherwise, Three UK will deactivate your SIM. A chargeable action is a call, a text message or data usage.

Can I buy Three top up with PayPal?

You can buy any phone top up product on Mobiletopup.co.uk with PayPal. That means also Three top up. All you need to do is decide what prepaid digital product you want. And then select PayPal as your payment method during checkout.

How do I top up Three from abroad?

There are two ways to top up Three from abroad.
  1. If you have remaining call credit on your Three mobile SIM, just call +44 7782 333 444 and follow the instructions.
  2. No remaining call credit? Get access to Wi-Fi or 3G and get your 3 top up online within seconds.

How do I contact Three's customer service?

Three customer service is easily reachable by phone:
  • From your 3 mobile, call 333
  • From another phone, call 0333 338 1001
  • From abroad, call +44 7782 333 333
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