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Uber Gift Card UK

Uber Gift Card £15
£15.00 Uber Gift Card £15
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Uber Gift Card £25
£25.00 Uber Gift Card £25
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Uber Gift Card £50
£50.00 Uber Gift Card £50
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Buy an Uber Voucher with PayPal

If you're looking to buy an Uber Gift Card, look no further than Mobiletopup.co.uk. Uber is undoubtedly the easiest way to get you from A to B in the city. Cheaper than a taxi and just as efficient.

No matter where you are in the UK, we have you covered. Simply select the amount of Uber UK credit you want and pay with PayPal, credit or debit card. In 30 seconds or less, your Uber voucher code is sent to you by email. Use it to top up your Uber account instantly. Your next ride is waiting for you!

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What can I use my Uber Gift Card for?

Redeem your Uber gift card to top up your Uber credit balance. Use this credit to pay for Uber Ride and Uber Eats.

What kind of account do I need to redeem my Uber gift card code?

To redeem your voucher, you need the Uber app installed on your phone, as well as an Uber account.

Can I purchase an Uber Gift Card code with PayPal?

Yes, you can! Mobiletopup.co.uk offers PayPal as a payment method for your Uber voucher code.

How can I redeem my Uber Gift Card code?

To add credit to your UK Uber account using a gift code:

  1. Go to the Payment section in the Uber app.
  2. Tap Add Payment Method and select Gift Card.
  3. Enter your gift code.

How long is my Uber Gift Card code valid for?

Uber Gift Card codes to top up your account do not expire.

How can I check my current Uber balance?

To view your remaining balance, open Uber on your phone and select Payment. Your remaining credit will be displayed.

How do I contact Uber's UK customer service?

If you have questions concerning their service, you can reach them via Uber's online customer service, or on the number: 0808 169 7335.

Terms and Conditions

By using this gift card, you accept the following terms and conditions: This gift card can be used to credit your Uber® stored value account accessible via the Uber® or Uber Eats app within the UK in cities where Uber or Uber Eats is available. You may return non-redeemed gift cards for a full refund within 14-days of purchasing the gift card or code from any online retailer. However, once redeemed, you acknowledge that no refund will be made. You may be required to add a secondary payment method to use this gift card with the Uber® or Uber Eats app. Limits may apply to amounts able to be loaded into your Uber account, and to the amount of spending from your Uber account. This card is issued by Uber B.V. Keep this gift card safe; issuer is not responsible for lost or stolen cards, or unauthorised use. For balance, full terms and conditions, and customer service, visit uber.com/legal/gift.
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