Xbox Gift Card

XBOX Gift Card 10 Pounds UK Prepaid £10
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XBOX Gift Card 15 Pounds UK Prepaid £15
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XBOX Gift Card 25 Pounds UK Prepaid £25
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XBOX Gift Card 30 Pounds UK Prepaid £30
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Buy Xbox Gift Card from £10

At you can easily and quickly buy an Xbox Gift Card online. Please mind that you need to have a British Xbox Account in order to redeem Xbox Gift Cards sold by Above, select whether you want to purchase an Xbox Gift Card worth £10 or £15. Then, enter the e-mail address at which you want to receive the Xbox Gift Card code. After that, select a payment method and check the order. As soon as payment has been successful, the Xbox Gift Card code is displayed immediately. The Xbox Code is also sent to you by mail, which allows you to add the Xbox credit to your Xbox account immediately. The Xbox Gift Card can also be redeemed at the Windows 8 App store.

Xbox Gift Card replaces Microsoft Points

In the year 2013, Microsoft decided to gradually replace Microsoft Points by Xbox Gift Cards. Microsoft Points can be redeemed until the end of 2014. After activation, Microsoft Points are transferred into a certain amount in Pounds. Therefore, if you are looking for Microsoft Points, you can also top up the balance on your British Microsoft Account by purchasing an Xbox Gift Card on Below you can find two examples of the way Xbox Gift Cards are converted into Pounds.

Xbox Gift Card £10 = 1,176 Microsoft Points
Xbox Gift Card £15 = 1,765 Microsoft Points

Redeem your Xbox Gift Card

Using these instructions, you can redeem the Xbox Gift Card via your Xbox Console. For this purpose, log into Xbox Live using your Xbox account details. Then, press the Guide button on your controller. After that, go to the Games & Apps section and select the “Redeem Code” option. Then, enter the Xbox Gift Card code and confirm entry.