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09/10/2018 - 

7 Christmas classics on Netflix

7 Christmas classics on Netflix

We know Christmas might not be on your mind just yet, but that’s not stopping us from fantasising about evenings in by the fire and hot chocolate with giant marshmallows. Christmas is a great time to get cosy and host your own private Christmas and chill session. We know how important it is to combine all the eating and drinking with some quality film viewing. That’s why we’ve created a list of the best Christmas films on Netflix UK. Even if you’re the world’s biggest Christmas-cynic, we urge you to give one of these 7 movies a try. You won’t be disappointed.

1. Home alone

This is a Christmas family classic to keep revisiting. When a troublesome eight-year-old is left alone by his parents during the Christmas holidays, he has to protect the house from two dangerous burglars. You probably already know what comes next, but we’re still not going to spoil it for you. In case you’re a fan of this movie, you’ve got more than a couple of sequels waiting for you.

2. Arthur Christmas

How on earth are all the presents distributed during Christmas? We’re talking about a highly complicated technical operation, if anything. If you’ve ever found yourself pondering this question, this film will most likely ease your curiosity (in the form of a high-tech response). This is a heartwarming animated film, which is sure to give you all the right Christmas feels. Santa’s clumsy son sets out on an expedition to deliver a misplaced gift to a young girl in less than 2 hours. Will he make it on time, despite being not the most able-handed guy?

3. The man who invented Christmas

Experience everything that led to the creation of Charles Dickens’ classic book ‘A Christmas Carol’. Dan Stevens (aka the beast in Beauty and The Beast) delivers a great performance as the famous author Charles Dickens. This film will show you that Christmas was never the same again after he published his book!

4. Scrooged

In this different take on the classic Christmas movie, a cynical executive working in television is visited by three spirits on Christmas eve. All these spirits carry an important message. Just how similar is this man to the original Scrooge?

5. A very Murray Christmas

In this interesting film, directed by Sofia Coppola (known for great films such as Lost in Translation), Bill Murray wonders if anyone will show up to his Christmas party in New York. A huge snowstorm seems to be holding everyone up.

6. Miracle on 34th street

In this Christmas classic, a young girl (played by Mara Wilson, the girl who played Matilda) and a lawyer have to prove that Santa Claus really exists. One of the best Christmas films to watch on Netflix for a big dose of nostalgia!

7. The Night Before

A more modern Christmas tale: three friends devote their Christmas Eve to looking for the holy grail of Christmas parties. Because isn’t that exactly what Christmas is about? How exactly will this crazy night end? Find out for yourself and maybe you’ll decide to conduct a similar experiment come Christmas.

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