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06/05/2021 - 

Mobile Game Spotlight: Pokemon GO

What is Pokemon GO?

Pokemon GO is the perfect choice for gaming fans who want to explore the world around them more! In this 2006 augmented reality game, you can find, capture, train, and battle Pokemons, which appear as if they’re right where you are in the real world. Curious to hop on the Pokemon GO adventure? You’ll be in good company. Since its launch, Pokemon GO has been downloaded over 1 billion times and its popularity is nowhere near declining.

The Pokemon GO game has its own currency, Pokecoins. You can use them to purchase various items and upgrades from the Shop. For example, Limited time boxes, Egg incubators, Premium Raid Passes, Poke balls and many more.

Wondering how to get Pokecoins? There are two ways:

  • Earn Pokecoins by defending a Gym. This way you can earn 6 PokeCoins per hour, with a maximum of 50 PokeCoins per day.
  • Buy PokeCoins. You can do that by adding credit either to your Google Play or Apple ID accounts (depending on the device you’re using). The easiest way to do that is to buy an App Store & iTunes gift card or a Google Play Store gift card online.

How to play Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO is a mobile game, so you’d need to download the Pokemon GO app first. You can do that on the App Store (for iOS devices) or the Google Play store (for Android devices). The game itself is free. You can buy upgrades and perks from the Shop using PokeCoins. Wondering how to buy PokeCoins? The easiest way is with a Google Play gift card, or an App Store & iTunes gift card, based on your device.

Pokemon GO Fest 2021

On July 17th and 18th, the global Pokemon GO Fest is back! This year, the global event celebrates the fifth year of the game, and it’s packed with surprises. Google Play is an official event sponsor in 2021, which means exclusive perks, especially for Google Play and Android users.

Here’s everything you need to know about Pokemon GO Fest 2021:

  • What is it?

A two-day event during which you get to encounter 75 species of Pokemon in the wild, in raids, and via Special Research tasks. Work with Trainers from around the world to get your hands on special bonuses in the Global Challenge Arena.

  • How to participate:

Buy your tickets via the in-app store for the special discounted price of USD 4.99 (EUR 4.10). In the Pokemon GO app, simply tap the Main Menu >> Shop >> Pokemon GO Fest 2021. You can pay for your ticket with your standard payment method, or with a Google Play gift card. After your payment is complete, you’ll find your event ticket in your Item Bag.

  • What perks can you get?

If you’ve signed up to earn Google Play Points, you’ll benefit from special earn rates between July 12th and July 18th for all purchases made in Pokemon GO (including event tickets). Not signed up yet? You can still do it now.

If you buy your Pokemon GO Fest ticket with a Google Play gift card, you get an exclusive bundle in Pokemon GO! ANd for Trainers using Android devices on July 17th, an exclusive Sponsored GIft is up for the taking.

How to buy PokeCoins with a Google Play gift card?

Use Google Play gift card to buy Pokecoins
There are two ways to buy PokeCoins with a Google Play gift card:
  • 1. Before redeeming your Google Play gift card
You don’t need to redeem your Google Play gift card before you use it to buy PokeCoins. You can also redeem it during the payment process itself:
  • In the game, simply navigate to the Shop.
  • Then select the amount of PokeCoins you’d like to buy.
  • During checkout, pick Google Play Balance as your payment method. On the next screen, select the ‘Redeem code’ option and enter your Google Play gift card number.
  • Done? You can now start spending your PokeCoins!

  • 2. After redeeming your Google Play gift card
As soon as you buy your Google Play gift card online, you can redeem it in the Google Play store. If you do that, your gift card value will be immediately available as Google Play balance. To buy PokeCoins with it, all you need to do is select Google Play balance as your payment method during checkout. Done!

How to buy PokeCoins with a App Store & iTunes gift card?

To buy PokeCoins with an App Store & iTunes gift card, you need to redeem it first. You can do that in the App store. Once your gift card value is added to your Apple ID balance, it will be used up first when you make purchases. Once your Apple ID balance is depleted, your default payment method will be used (e.g. the credit card you’ve linked to your Apple ID).

Have you redeemed your gift card? Get some PokeCoins by simply selecting Apple ID balance as your payment method during checkout in the Pokemon GO shop.

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