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30/05/2015 - 

Use your Google Play Gift Card to buy new Apps

Google Play Gift Card App Store

Use your Google Play Gift Card to buy new Apps

Do you have a Google Play Gift Card laying around, but have no idea what to do with it? Or you do know what to do with it, you just have no idea what to buy. Luckily, we are here help! The most popular Google Play apps are games. This probably is not a big surprise, considering gaming is a great pastime activity and new games are added every week. Which well-known games are still on top of the “most popular” list and what are new popular games? Get inspired and buy the game(s) you like in the Play Store.

Well-known Google Play apps

Who thought that a match-three-puzzle game with coloured candy or placing blocks in a 3D world to create cities and villages would ever become popular? If these descriptions do not ring a bell, you can start your Play store shopping spree by purchasing Minecraft and Candy Crush. Millions of people play these games on a daily basis. Another huge hit is Angry Birds. Destroy green pigs with your multicoloured birds. Or protect your village with a clan and battle rival clans in Clash of Clans. Together with Farm Heroes, Temple Run 2, Cut the Rope 2 and other games, these were among the best Play Store Games of 2014.

Recently released Google Play Games

Are you familiar with the abovementioned games? There are more than enough new games you can give a try. Three recently released games are:

Goat Simulator GoatZ
Goat Simulator GoatZ is the latest addition of the original Goat Simulator Did you miss a challenge when you were living a life with your goat? Or were you completely unaware there even was such a thing as a Goat Simulator game? It does not matter. Everyone should download GoatZ and find out what happens when your goat is faced with a Zombie apocalypse!

Lego Star Wars
After Lego Star Wars: The Video Game en Lego Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy, Lego brings you the Android version! Start your Star Wars adventure in the familiar Lego style and play memorable Star Wars scenes. May the force be with you.

Capture the Flag
The title of the game says it all. Steal the flag of your enemy by breaking into their base, bring it back to your base and put it on the fence post! Remember though, the enemy might get your flag first.

Buy games and in-game items with your Google Play Gift Card

Are you inspired? Redeem your Google Play Gift Card or buy a card on Mobiletopup.co.uk if you do not have one yet. You can use your credit to purchase one of the apps we just mentioned in the Play Store. If you are satisfied with the available free-to-play versions of the games you can always use your credit for in-game items. Cash, coins, boosters and extra lives may help you when you are stuck in a particular level! There is something for everyone in the Google Play Store!
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