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02/02/2021 - 

Valentine’s Day 2021: Things to Do at Home

Romantic dinner out? A live concert? Going to the cinema? Your go-to plans for Valentine’s Day won’t cut it in 2021. This year, in the middle of a lockdown, creating the perfect date will take some adjustments. 

Whether you’ll be alone on Valentine’s Day, or with your better half, here are some tips for a romantic night at home.

Create Romantic Ambience at Home

Things to do at home on Valentine's DayThese days our homes are our offices, gyms and everything else. So, you need to make an extra effort to create a romantic atmosphere in the same old location. There’s one key element when it comes to romantic ambience - music. 

If you don’t have time to create your own playlist for Valentine’s day, you can lean on Spotify. Their romantic playlist selection offers everything from romantic dinner jazz to romantic accordion music, or a selection of Spanish ballads. Just make sure you’re not playing the music on a free account, because nothing spoils the romance like an ad. 

No Spotify Premium? Get a Spotify gift card and access all Premium features for as long (or as short) as you want. Don’t want to keep paying for Premium after Valentine’s Day? No worries, once your prepaid period expires, you’ll automatically go back to your free account. 

Watch These Romantic Movies on Netflix

This sounds obvious. However, be careful with your movie choice. There’s a wide variety of romantic movies on Netflix UK, but some of them will leave you so sad you’ll spend the rest of the night finding your way back to a romantic atmosphere. 

So, stay safely on the romantic comedy side. You won’t go wrong with any of these:
  • When Harry Met Sally. This 1989 movie explores the eternal topic of the friendship between men and women. Featuring beautiful New York scenery and clever dialogue, this romantic comedy will leave you uplifted and refreshed.
  • The Incredible Jessica James. A truly enjoyable romantic comedy that puts strong, empowered and unapologetic women in the spotlight.
  • Isn’t it Romantic: A romantic comedy parody starring Rebel Wilson. Genuine laughs and a positive mood are guaranteed.
To avoid unwanted surprises on Valentine’s Day itself, make sure you have enough credit on your Netflix account. Get your Netflix gift card within seconds.

Prep a Valentine’s Day Dinner (Also if You Can’t Cook)

Cook a romantic Valentine's Day dinnerIf you’ve been blessed with cooking skills, there’s no better time to show them off. A home-cooked Valentine’s Day dinner is always well-received.

But if instead you’re stressed at the thought of boiling an egg, don’t despair. Takeaway is not a dirty word and especially not in the circumstances surrounding Valentine’s Day 2021! So, be sure to get a UBER Eats voucher, so you can splurge on a classic Italian, classy French, or why not a hot and spicy exotic dinner? This way, you’d also be supporting a local restaurant.

And after all, a special dinner is not about cooking skills, it’s about presentation. You can put your efforts in what you’re good at - e.g. setting the table beautifully or providing charming conversation. 

Home Alone? Play a Game with Romance Options

This is a suggestion for those spending Valentine’s day alone at home. If you’re a gamer (or just curious about gaming), you can mark Valentine’s Day 2021 by trying one of these games which allow for in-game relationships:

  • Assassin’s Creed: Odyssey. Are you the type who'd watch 300 over an over? This 2018 game is the right choice for you. Experience epic naval combat and primal romance in the world of Ancient Greece. Available to play on PC, PlayStation or Xbox.
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. Indulge in slaying monsters of all shapes and sizes. And explore romance with beautifully developed characters in this one-of-a-kind game. Available for PC, PlayStation, Xbox or Nintendo Switch.
  • Mass Effect 2 or 3. These games are a few years old, but they’ve aged well. Expect an epic storyline that literally spans across a universe, well-written characters and deep gameplay. A good choice if you’re a PC gamer, or have an older console, since these are currently only available on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.
Make sure you’re ready for hours of gaming romance fun, by topping up your Steam Wallet, or getting an Xbox gift card, a PSN card, or a Nintendo eShop card.

Home together or home alone, there’s plenty to do for a romantic evening this Valentine’s Day. And if that doesn’t quite work out, there’s always next year to look forward to!

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