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Top up number Pay as you Go operators

Below you can find how to top up the phone credit of several Pay as you Go operators, including o2, Orange, Vodafone, Lycamobile, T-mobile, Lebara, Giffgaff, Tesco Mobile and Asda Mobile. With help of these instructions, you will be able to top up your Pay as you Go account balance.

o2 Top up number
You can top up your O2 credit by dialing 4444 and following the voice instructions. O2 Top up
Vodafone Top up number
You can top up Vodafone by dialing 2345 and following the instructions. Vodafone Top up
Lycamobile Top up number
To top up Lycamobile you can dial 321 or #92 and follow the instructions. You can also enter *131*voucher number# followed by the call button
Lycamobile Top up
Lebara top up number
Enter *#1345*voucher code# followed by the call button. You can also dial 5588 and follow the instructions to top up your Lebara credit Lebara Top up
Giffgaff Top up number
Top up Giffgaff by dialing 43430 and following the instructions. Giffgaff Top up
Tesco Mobile top up number
Make a call to 4444 and follow the instructions to top up Tesco Mobile. Tesco Mobile Top up
Asda Mobile Top up number
You can top up Asda Mobile credit by dialing 2732 with your Asda Mobile phone and following the given voice instructions. Asda Mobile Top up
EE Mobile Top up number
Top up EE Mobile by sending a text to [VO voucher number] 150 or by making a call to the same 150 number. EE Top up
Three Top up number
If you would like to top up your Three credit, dial 444 from your Three mobile phone and follow the voice instructions. Three Top up