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Hotelgift cards

Book your stay at a hotel with ease - use a Hotelgift Card from Mobiletopup. These Hotelgift Cards are provided by www.hotelgift.com. Make sure you redeem your Hotelgift Card on their official website to book a stay at one of the 110,000 worldwide hotels that are backed by Hotelgift.com.

Hotelgift Cards give you the possibility to pay for your stay at one of the 110,000 hotels with a Hotelgift card code. Check which hotels are available in what countries in the Hotelgift Card booking engine on https://www.hotelgift.com/book/.

Don’t own a credit card? Pay with a hotel gift card that you can quickly order online on Mobiletopup. Mobiletopup offers various safe payment methods like PayPal and Maestro Debit Card.

Give yourself or someone else a Hotelgift card and enjoy your stay at your next favourite hotel.

How does Hotelgift work?

Interested in purchasing a Hotelgift card? Mobiletopup offers several hotel gift cards from Hotelgift.com. With a Hotelgift card you can book your stay at 110,000 hotels worldwide. With the convenience of a hotel gift card, you can simply book your stay online from the comfort of your couch. Instantly get your Hotelgift card by email.

Simply select the right Hotelgift card from Hotelgift on this page and submit your email address. Use one of our safe payment methods and receive your Hotelgift card code within 30 seconds.

How to redeem my Hotelgift card?

Redeeming your Hotelgift card is simple. Just follow these quick steps after receiving the Hotelgift card code:

1. Your hotel gift card has to be redeemed on www.hotelgift.com. It cannot be redeemed on a specific hotels website that you want to book your stay at.

2. Choose your stay with the Hotelgift booking engine on https://www.hotelgift.com/book .

3. When you’ve chosen your hotel, simply follow the steps indicated.

4. At the checkout, you will be asked to submit your Hotelgift code, together with your payment details.

5. Submit your Hotelgift code and finish booking.

6. You have now successfully redeemed and used your Hotelgift card.

If the total price of your Hotelgift card booking is more than your hotel gift card value, then you can pay the remaining amount with any other payment method available on hotelgift.com

How do I use multiple Hotelgift cards?

If you have multiple hotel gift cards or you would like to purchase multiple Hotelgift cards on Mobiletopup, it’s good to know how to use them.

If you want to use your Hotelgift card codes for seperate bookings, then you can redeem and use them in the exact same way described above in the “How to redeem my Hotelgift card?” section. To use multiple hotel gift cards on one booking, then please send your Hotel gift codes to support@hotelgift.com and the Hotelgift.com team will merge the separate codes for you within 24 hours.

When does my Hotelgift card expire?

Your Hotelgift card will expire two years after the date of purchase.

How can I check my Hotelgift card balance?

Wondering what the balance is of your Hotelgift card from Hotelgift.com? Simply send an email to support@hotelgift.com with your 10 character Hotelgift card code. The Hotelgift.com team will send you an email within 24 hours to tell you what the remaining balance is of your Hotelgift card.
This way, you know exactly how much you have left to use for your second stay at one of your favourite hotels.
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