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08/06/2022 - 

The best battery saving tips for Android phones

Battery saving tips for Android phones

When it comes to choosing a new phone, its battery life and storage are probably the first two things you are interested in. We spend a lot of time on our
phones and rely on them for texting, banking, chatting, shopping and more.

In this guide we’ll tell you more about battery saving on Android phones, with
handy tips on how to prolong your Android battery life.

Let’s take a look at the differences in battery life of Android and iPhone (PLEASE INSERT LINK OF BATTERY SAVING TIPS FOR IPHONE ARTICLE HERE).

The Android battery vs the iPhone battery

The average lifespan of a phone battery is not calculated in years. The average battery lifespan number tells you how many times you can completely recharge your battery, before the battery is unusable.

A full charging cycle for a smartphone is seen as the charging of the battery from 0% to 100%, and back to 0% again.

In general, this means that having a phone with a battery with a larger charging capacity - that needs charging cycles less often - lasts longer. Many iPhones come with a battery with a capacity around 2500 mAh. The sleek design of a flat iPhone leaves less room for a larger capacity battery, often resulting in the use of phone batteries with a lower range. A full charge of a phone with a 2500 mAh type of battery may last for about a day.

Many Android phones are fitted with larger batteries, ranging around 4000 mAh. Some phones, like for example the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra, have a battery of 5000 mAh. It’s clear to see why battery saving on Android phones is easier, you need to fully charge them less often. You can improve the battery life of your Android with smart usage, about which we’ll tell you more shortly.

Battery saving on Android vs iPhone

In comparison with some Android phones, iPhones can be very frugal when it comes to battery usage throughout the day whilst using your phone. As a result, even the larger capacity battery on an Android phone may not last as long as you’d like.

Does your Android phone battery not last throughout the day? Are you carrying your charger with you everywhere you go? We’ll tell you how to increase the battery life of Android phones, with effective battery saving tips for Android.

Tip: You can use a handy app like AccuBattery to check how your phone battery is doing.

The best battery saving tips for Android phones

Battery saving on Android with energy settings

Activate the power saving mode on your phone. After doing this, your phone will limit constant syncing and networking, as well as location services and the refresh rate of your
Screen. You can go even further and use the Limit Apps and Home Screen option to only allow certain apps to drain your battery when your phone is switched on.

Adjust your screen settings

In addition, you can switch off your phone’s Always on Display mode. This lowers the brightness of your phone screen and brings down the CPU usage to about 70%. Too much hassle? Simply use the pull down option on your Home Screen and activate Air Plane Mode when you are not using your phone for battery saving on your Android.

Improve the battery life on Android; disable Active Listening

Simply switch off Google Assistant or Bixby (on Samsung phones) and improve your battery life on your Android. The assistant looks for words that jolt it into action constantly. If you are wondering how to increase the battery life of your Android and don’t need the support from Google Assistant all day long, simply switch it off.

Tell your apps what to do and when to save energy

Most of the apps that you use on your phone will continue to run, even when you are not actively chatting, browsing or playing. Head over to the Battery Usage (or Power) settings on your phone and enable Put Unused Apps to Sleep. This option can usually be found in Background Usage Limits in your settings.

In the Battery Usage Settings your Android will tell you which apps use a lot of battery power.

Top battery saving on Android tip; switch off Enhanced Processing in your Battery Usage settings. This option speeds up processing (often marginally). Disabling it helps to improve the battery life of your Android significantly.

Battery saving tips for Android 11 phones

If you own an Android 11 phone, automation is your friend when trying to make your Android battery last longer. Simply tap the 3-dot menu on your phone and select Automation. Enable Adaptive Power Saving. If you are not using your phone, this automation will switch the Power Saving Mode on - and back off again when you start using your phone.

Of course, you can also create your own useful routine in Google Assistant. SImply select Add action->Try Adding Your Own, and create your own automated battery saving actions for your Android phone.


Now you can put these battery saving tips to work, so you have enough battery to do the things you love with your phone. Like talking and texting with your favourite people. If you ever run out of call credit or mobile data, you can top up any prepaid phone on Recharge.com.

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