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02/12/2020 - 

Christmas Presents 2020: Inexpensive and Useful Last-Minute Gift Ideas

Ready or not, Christmas 2020 is around the corner. This year, it’ll be a bit different for many families, with less travel possible. However, even if you’re not physically with your family for Christmas, that doesn’t mean presents are off the table. All it means is you need to get more creative. And if Christmas itself is shaping up to be very digital, what would be better matching than digital gifts?

Here are some of our ideas for quick, inexpensive gifts that are wildly appropriate for 2020.

Christmas gift ideas for women
Practical gifts for men
Christmas gifts for teenagers
Christmas gift ideas for gamers
Secret Santa surprises
Last minute Christmas gifts

Great Christmas gifts ideas for women

You can’t put all women in the same category of course. The best Christmas presents for mum won’t be the best Christmas presents for your wife, and your girlfriend will like something different than your sister. Yet, there’s one thing that women most likely have in common, and that’s shopping.

Christmas gifts and stocking fillers for men and womenWhatever is on your favourite women’s Christmas list, they’d enjoy it tenfold if they could buy it themselves rather than receive it as a gift. So, make their Christmas wish come true and get them a digital shopping gift card. Choose between Amazon and Zalando gift cards. Zalando would be the better choice for the fashion-lovers, whereas Amazon can please practically everyone.

You can order these gift cards in seconds and you’ll receive them as a code in your inbox. Perfect for a virtual Christmas, or as a unique stocking filler if you’re celebrating in person.

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Practical gifts for men this Christmas

Let’s be fair - men also don’t all belong in the same category. But if there’s one thing they have in common, it would be that they’re practical. So, your best strategy this Christmas - for your dad, husband, boyfriend or brother - would be to pick a simple, practical, useful and inexpensive gift.

Is your favourite man a gamer? And has he just purchased the new Xbox Series X or PS5 console? Then you can make them happy with an Xbox gift card or a PSN gift card. With these, they can enjoy games, in-game purchases, add-ons and much more. You’ll receive the gift cards as codes in your email, ready to make someone happy.

For men who value their privacy, you can gift a prepaid credit card. Not the typical gift you expect under the Christmas tree, yet quite useful for the right person. It’s simple - you purchase a code for your chosen amount and it can be used as a payment method on thousands of websites, without sharing payment information. It’ll be a hit for anyone who takes their online privacy seriously. Choose between Neosurf, Flexepin, EcoVoucher and more.

Fun Christmas gift ideas for teenagers

Teenage boys and girls can seem like a difficult crowd to please. However, in a digital world, that’s not necessarily so.

Most teenagers would already have a phone and you’d be making a safe bet if you got them a gift they can use on their phone. For example, a App Store & iTunes gift card, or a Google Play card. Depending on whether they’re using an iPhone or an Android phone, they can use these gift cards to purchase apps, music or games.

Another way to be a successful Secret Santa is by getting your teenager a Spotify Premium gift card. All teenagers are into music, but not all teenage parents are happy with paying for a monthly Spotify subscription. By opting for a digital gift card, you can decide how many months you’re pre-paying the subscription for. And after that? You decide whether you get another gift card and prolong the subscription, or your teenager’s Premium access to the platform ends. Yes, you can see that as a bargaining chip.

Top Christmas gift ideas for gamers

What’s the best way to surprise a gamer? Know what they like. There are four main gamer types, based on the console or platform they play on - the Nintendo type, the Xbox type, the PlayStation type, and the PC type. All you need to know to pick the perfect Christmas gift is which type your favourite gamer belongs to.

Secret Santa surprises for the whole family
  • The Xbox gamer
For Xbox gamers, you can choose between an Xbox gift card, or an Xbox Live Gold gift card. Live Gold is a subscription service with multiplayer functionality. The Xbox gift card, on the other hand, is the currency for buying games, in-game items and add-ons.

  • The PlayStation gamer
For PlayStation gamers, you have three options - buy PSN codes, a PS Now gift card, or a PS Plus gift card. The PSN card is similar to the Xbox gift card - it allows you to purchase games, items and add-ons. PS Now is a game streaming service, and PS Plus is a subscription with multiplayer functionality.

  • The Nintendo gamer
For Nintendo gamers, get a Nintendo eShop gift card or a Nintendo Switch Online gift card. The eShop gift card lets you buy new game chapters, levels and music. With Nintendo Switch Online, you can play the newest games online, in multiplayer mode.

  • The PC gamer
The best Christmas presents for a PC gamer? You can get them a gift card for one of the biggest game platforms online - e.g. a Steam Gift Card UK, or a Blizzard gift card. Or, you can get them a gaming gift card for a specific game - such as World of Warcraft, or League of Legends. There are many choices - take a look at all options in our gaming category.

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The Best Secret Santa surprise for the whole family

If you won’t be able to get together with your family this Christmas, don’t let it bring you down. These are difficult times, but they will end. And if there’s one best Christmas gift you can make as a Secret Santa, that’s the gift of positivity.

So, why not take a positive spin on a tough situation, and dare to plan ahead for better times? For example, by giving your family a Flightgiftcard or a Hotel gift card for a family reunion as soon as one is possible again? Both are valid for 2 years after the date of purchase, which gives you and your family enough time to make your travel plans come true.

Last-minute Christmas gifts? No problem!

The best part of a digital gift card? It’s digital! That means only 30 seconds stand between the moment you decide which one you want and the moment it’s in your inbox, ready to gift. So, whether you’re the planning-ahead type, or the last-minute type, going digital this Christmas is a good idea.

Ready to choose your Secret Santa gifts? Browse entertainment, gaming, shopping and prepaid credit cards.

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